Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Normal State

Every now and then, I see something online and it trips a trigger in me that says -actually it practically screams out to me -I MUST HAVE THAT -absolutely must try that on my blog.

And I do try to comprehend the directions to add or change something on my blog before taking action, but somehow, things always seem to go amiss.

I still haven't figured out what is what with the Feedburner thing -that item that was supposed to recognize my new post, IMMEDIATELY, and then just as quickly, would mark my blog as having been updated. The post I did yesterday, for an example, was done five hours before Feedburner recognized it and showed it as updated. Before all these reader issues began -back on July 31st I believe was the date -when I put a new post up, within minutes, not hours or days even, my blog was showing as having been updated. Since adding Feedburner -that ultra swifty tool -nothing in the way of speed is coming my way.

Today, I saw this thing for Google Analytics and thought it sounded like a pretty neat deal. Well,ok -it's free and free generally rings true to me, ya know.

So I signed up for it. Got the code, installed it where I understood it should go -or at least I think I did that -and now? Well, now I am even more confused than ever.

I think I really do need something drastic here to help me get -and maintain -my bearings.

Hope this will help a bit. What do you think?

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masgblog said...

Google Analytics is excellent. I installed it on a web site that I maintain, and I access the reports daily...very cool.

If you have questions, just holler.