Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Word Confusion

Let me start this by explaining something first. In case you haven't figured this out by reading my blog, there are times when I confuse very easily. Sometimes, my mind thinks it knows what's going on around me and as it turns out, what is being said is something totally different from what my perceptions might be.

Take for instance, the other day, my son was here and he and my son-in-law were talking out on the deck. I was in the kitchen messing around -the normal thing, ya know -and I overheard some bits and pieces of the conversation between the two guys.

You have to know, first and foremost, the topic of conversation between these two is almost always something pertaining to cars and my knowledge (and interest) in that subject is not very high. But when I heard my son mention something about being thankful that he doesn't have to worry about acne treatments, the last thing I thought about there was anything pertaining to cars!

So I questioned him about this and as it turns out, older vehicles that have been revamped a bit -classic type cars or trucks -sometimes, the paint jobs get a sort of pitting effect to them and that's what my son was referring to -not a skin condition.

See -learn something new every day after all, don't I?


Vic Grace said...

You must be the fifth blog writing about acne treatments I have read. Must be a big problem!

I came over because you are not showing up on my reader, and after all the trouble I took to put three versions of your feed on. Just thought others might be having the same thing happen.

Suldog said...

Or, as one of my favorite philosophers, Fred (Mister)Rogers, put it, "We learn something old every day!"

Mary said...


We're never too old to learn. I try to learn something new everyday.

Drop by my Writing Nook and put your name in for the giveaway I'm having.

Hope all is well with you.


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Hmmmm.. my reader isn't updating you lately. I just happened to remember that this happened before.

I've got to remember this!