Sunday, August 03, 2008

What a Pain!

It's a quiet -very quiet -day here today.

Mandy and Bill took Kurtis and went to Penn State so she can register for a conference she will be attending there most of this week on Autism. Maya spent the night at the home of Mandy's good friend Jen, where I'm quite sure Maya has been entertaining -or allowing Jen's daughter's to entertain her with their vast assortment of nail polish and such. Maya won't be home until this evening some time.

Clate is home, as in back in the region, for the next two days I guess before he goes back out on the road, but he's out visiting friends so don't know if he'll even be down to visit today.

That leaves me here by myself, left to my own devices. It also leaves me to take care of a few things around the house -like washing up dishes from last night through breakfast today, cleaning up whatever Kurtis had for breakfast that didn't manage to make it to his mouth or that he decided it would be more fun to throw some of his food, liberally -quite liberally, too -around the dining room floor.

It also leaves me to tend to yet another task around the place. One that no one else seems willing to tackle and which I confess I hate to do too. It's really a royal pain to do this one as I have to bend over for an extended period of time, breathe in some really noxious fumes too.

It also makes me think of evil things -like finding a way to give certain little beasties here a good colon cleanse -although, I don't think it is something recommended for them, do you?

Yeah, I just cleaned out the stinking litter box! ARRGH and UGH!

Hope I didn't push the old envelope too far with this one. LOL

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Meloncutter said...

Pardon my french here.... but wouldn't it be kind of a shitty thing to do to a cat by giving it a laxative?

Just wondering.....

Later Y'all.