Friday, August 29, 2008

No Re-Runs Tonight -I Hope!

Last night, as I was writing my post here, Maya was still awake -laying in my bed, waiting patiently -supposedly -for Gram to finish up and come snuggle up with my little sweet angel girl for the night.

The keyword in the above paragraph as it turned out was "Supposedly."

While she was waiting for me, she apparently decided to slip out of bed and meander to the kitchen. I didn't discover this until I had published my post though.

When I saw she was out messing around -way too quietly too, I might add -and I began to get up and make my way there, she called out to me saying "Don't come out here!"

Now, as any parent knows (grandparents especially should be aware of this) when a child tells you something like that, and if they have been very quiet, downright sneaky about their actions, you just know there is something awaiting you that you probably won't want to see, won't be happy about dealing with the consequences either. Am I right? Yeah, you know I am, don't you?

And what I found when I got to where she was in the kitchen -well, it just proves the above paragraph to be the truth!

And as a direct result, that is how I came to have Maya in the bathroom at about 2:30 a.m., with her head hanging over the side of the tub and me, holding the shower spray in my hand and washing her hair!

For some reason of late, Maya has been reveling in smearing what ever substance she can find in her hair -one day it was hand lotion, another day it was gobs of the hair gel her big sister, Katie, loves to use. Last night though, it was the Comet cleanser -the kind in a squeeze container that is already somewhat liquified but still has a grainy texture to it.

Yeah, she had the top of her head just plastered with that stuff!

Needless to say, I hadn't figured on giving the kid a mini-shower at that hour but I told her we'd better get busy and get that stuff washed out because if it was there -really dried in too -come morning, Maya and I would both be on the receiving end of a ration of crap from Mandy -for sure! And I really wasn't in the mood then nor would I have been any more receptive come morning to getting my fanny chewed out from my daughter because I had managed not to realize her daughter was up, wandering around and getting into those kind of things!

So we got it all washed out and went to bed. Then, later this afternoon, I told Mandy what had happened and because I had washed it out, she actually saw humor in the entire situation.

Tonight though -I KNOW Maya is in bed and sound asleep and I am definitely ready to join her in about five minutes.

And I KNOW there will be no semi-shower in store for her tonight now either!


Paula said...

Good Grief! Did it bleach her hair at all?
Years ago, I was watching my little brother one day (he's 14 years younger than me), when he got into a bottle of soft scrub and drank some of it. I was scared to death, but it didn't hurt him any, except making him poop white for a couple of days!

Julie said...

Wow. My friend's son is 3 and autistic. Highly functioning. He is also large for his age *his mom is six foot one* this allows him to reach things other three year olds can't. A couple weeks ago he smeered himself totally with peanut butter!
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Jay said...

Heavens ... ! How funny - well, at least it is in retrospect, since she is unharmed and .. um .. not mine! LOL!