Sunday, August 17, 2008

Babies, Babies -Everywhere!

Mandy and I were just talking the other day about how many people around us have had new babies this year. Just within our family alone, there were three new arrivals on my Mom's side this spring, my niece's baby and Mandy's sister-in-law's little girls, born last December, plus, the speech therapist we had for Maya and now for Kurtis just had a little boy a week ago Friday.

Now, we have a replacement therapist till the other one returns from maternity leave, probably the beginning of November and guess what? She's pregnant too, with her third baby -due right around the same date as Maya's birthday!

So, figuring this probably means another baby to get some gift for another shower then, we were discussing things Mandy got before Maya and Kurtis were born, and what items -after the wear and tear of two kids too would entail and might need replaced so we were doing some surfing on line and found a really nifty site for lots of baby things, but this site has some really cool crib bedding-very unusual designs and patterns -so I think we'll look into getting some of these items for Kurt's current speech therapist.

I love to shop by letting my fingers do the walking, don't you?

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Linda said...

Oh dear, it looks like your feed is down again as there haven't been any updates in Google Reader for awhile. The thought occurred to me today that "Jeni hasn't posted in awhile, that can't be right!" and sure enough - it wasn't!

Darn Google issues!