Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of That

Today, I'm going to do something I had intended to do the other day and somehow, forgot about it. Yeah, that stupid, stinking old senility factor made its way around once again so the best laid plans of mice and women ya know, went awry.

First -before I forget and speaking of mice -here's just a little story for you about the cats here. Today, the third kitten went to his new home. Javier (yeah, Katie and her insisting we name the kittens and give them Spanish names) left when Maya came home from school today. He went to go live with "Mr. Fred" -the gentleman who has been Maya's van driver for the past year. Maya got to hug Javier, even gave him a big kiss too, before Mandy placed him in the cat carrier and Fred drove off, taking Javier to live with Fred and his wife over in Houtzdale.

Yesterday, I heard a noise at the front door -sounded very much like someone rapping there so I went to investigate. It turned out not to be a "Someone" there but rather a "Something." Our Mama cat, Jorge, was tapping gently on the glass of the front door, wanting to be let in. But upon closer looking at her, I decided there was no way she was coming in her then -not with the big fat dead mouse she was holding in her mouth! It was really kind of funny to watch her too as she would lift her paw up and pat it against the door several times and then, with that same paw, apparently the movements were loosening her grasp on the mouse so she would then take that paw and reach up to readjust the placement of the "gift" she had there in her mouth. I quickly and quietly just closed the inside door so she couldn't see me, also couldn't see the two remaining kittens running around the house and which she really had the intention of bringing that mouse in to show the kittens a bit of the fine art of mouse catching. That's our theory on that deal anyway.

Now, I'd like to share some things I've read in the past couple of days here via some of my favorite bloggers posts. Not that everyone else whose work I read hasn't posted stuff that is equally good, deserving of pointing out their sites and specific pieces, but these two bloggers, in some recent posts, if you don't already follow their blogs, you should but start with these pieces then.

First off, late last week when reading Dooce's blog, she had a piece that really is one of the most mind-boggling things I think I have ever seen and read. Her post "The Girl In the Window" is so heart wrenching, and so sad to read abouit the abuse this little girl had to endure, it makes one wonder how things like this happen in what we like to think of as a civilized society. It is not Dooce's words -other than her pointing her readers in the direction of the article in her post about this child -and the reporting that went into the story, that tells how this child was found, what had happened to her in the first 6-7 years of her life until she was found and the abuse discovered. It does have a decent end to the story as it stands right now but still is not the ending that should have come about for this little girl.

Now here's the other poster who I want to point you to today -and this story should hold special interest for all the cat lovers in the blogosphere -yes, I am pointing specifically here to these bloggers, all who I KNOW are big cat lovers for sure (as are probably lots and lots more who read my blog too) but anyway, mainly Fermicat, Dianne, Raven, Minnesota Blue, Sandi, Bee and Magnetbabe, in particular. If you don't already enjoy the ramblings of the sometimes weird and warped mind of Jim Sullivan, alias Suldog, you should!

This post is actually a follow-up on one he did awhile back about an elderly lady up in the Boston area who feeds many feral cats who reside in the wooded area near her home. So, if you go read Suldog's post today you may also want to back track a bit and read his earlier post from June 25th, in which he first wrote about this lovely lady and her efforts to see that these cats were fed and as cared for as possible.

Jim puts out a really great blog, normally, but in these two posts I feel he really outdid himself in calling attention to something many of us all too often neglect to think about much less try to help these creatures. It's a heart-warming story -the kind I happen to like the most and I'm betting that any of you who ventures over to read these pieces will agree. Who knows, if you don't read any of the other bloggers I mentioned above -the cat lovers -and you check their places out, you might fall in to stalking them, reading their thoughts, before you know it too.

Now, it's time for me to take my little nimble fingers and head to the kitchen to fix Grammy's spaghetti sauce for our supper this evening. And later, to sit down and work on the tablerunner I am currently embroidering too. Big plans in store for this item -I hope! (Think Christmas gifts, getting a little bit of work done in that direction, ya see!)

And I'm hoping too that the latest "work" I performed last night on my reader is still holding up and working the way it should be for me. If you think about it and you access my blog via a reader, let me know if it came through for you or if you had to get here the "old-fashioned" way by a bookmark or some such method. Just curious to see if these last-ditch efforts I tried last night are still working.



This Eclectic Life said...

I just love when the cats bring me "presents." Why can't it be flowers or something? The worst is that they don't eat it, just play with it until it "doesn't play anymore."

Sandi McBride said...

Ah Jeni, I just love Jim's cousin Dottie, don't you? 81 and fighting cancer and a Condo board? I say we all pack up and go kick some butt for her! Loved your post hon, and now why on earth wouldn't you let Jorje in with the giftie? you brought a smile to my face for sure my friend!

Dianne said...

Jorge was trying to bring you the ultimate gift!

terri said...

I could just picture Jorge tapping on the door, wanting to come in with her prize and it cracked me up. Cats can be such crazy, serious, amusing creatures, can't they?

Razor Family Farms said...

I love that your cat brought you a present!!!! Remi has yet to bring me anything other than a June bug or two. He's not a very good hunter. Shhh! Don't tell him I said that. He's mighty proud of those June bugs. So proud that after I have given him due praise -- he takes them back and crunches them in the front yard.


womaninawindow said...

I'm feeling rather accomplished. I came to respond to your comment on minorities which was so thoughtful and heartfelt, and I daresay, right on the money. Then I see you mentioning that story Dooce drew attention to and even though I don't read Dooce I found my way to it in a meandering fashion. Both my husband and I were sobbing in a million things for that poor girl. And Suldog is a new discovery for me and I rather think he's brilliant. So thanks, thanks, thanks.
And your cat oozes catdom, doesn't he?

Paula said...

Kitty gifts are NOT the nicest kind! One day this spring I had one of our cats at the front door with a bird and the other at the back door with a mouse at the same time. Neither one of them was let in - LOL!

fermicat said...

Zima is 14, but that doesn't stop her from bringing us "gifts". She's a good hunter. Either that, or our chipmunks are really slow.