Monday, August 11, 2008

Another News Bulletin

Apparently I spoke to soon when I posted a couple hours ago that I had somehow, magically, fixed whatever was messing up my reader and my blog not being updated on my reader.

Shortly after I put that post up, the darned thing fritzed out on me yet again!

I have therefore wasted the entire day apparently in my efforts to get this problem corrected.

The funny thing (not necessarily humorous funny, but "strange" funny) to me is that from last Wednesday until this morning sometime, my blog was being updated on the reader. Then it stopped being updated again and then -presto, magic -it started to update once more. However, when it began to function again today, it showed that I had 14 (yes, that's right 14) new posts!

There is no way in God's Green Acres that I could post 14 new articles in ONE day! Considering the fact that it had been updating until early this morning, that would actually be 14 posts in a matter of just a couple of hours actually!

Am I frustrated? Oh, baby -You know I am! You've heard me whine, complain, bitch, do a little cursing in my posts but not near the amount of swearing I've been doing here at the house! Trust me Suldog, the many things I have said today about this fruitloop reader/update issue would probably match if not surpass a 10 page rant of yours filled with upteen cuss words!

Am I throughly disgusted with Blogger's method of providing help? You bet your bippy on that deal that I really am sick, tired, fed up, exasperated, totally pissed off -you name it, that's me if it describes one angry old bitch!

Have any of you, my dear, faithful (and always helpful) readers ever validated your blog?

Have you ever done a sitemap for your blog for Google?

If so, can you tell me how you did those things?

One "helpful" tidbit that showed up on one of the "how to" help sites for reader says if you write a post in Word and copy it over to Blogger/Blogspot, it does something to it, which translates to this -"It mucks the works up!" (I would use another word there that rhymes with muck but I'm trying to set a precent and not curse right now.)

I have gone in and "pinged" this damnable blog till Google, Feedburner, Technorati and any other service that gets pings should have their ears ringing about now -all to no avail!

I have read instructions in the help folders telling me to insert this or that piece of html into my blog -using the edit html function on the page layout area and tried and tried to find the place on my blog's html where I am supposed to paste said piece of html also to no avail. As a matter of fact, from reading their even smaller than the usual print on some of those things, I think I am probably very close now to being totally cross-eyed too!

And add to all my blogging/reader woes, right now I am listening to a little boy having hissy fits over who knows what because he can't talk to tell us what he is so doggone pissed off about and his sister is having mini-meltdowns this evening insisting that she can't live here anymore because this house is "broken" and she doesn't have a bed here so she needs to go live in another house that isn't "broked." Go figure what that conversation is all about too! I gather she really likes staying with her Mom's best friend and her kids because everytime she spends a couple hours there, or stays overnight there, now when she comes back home this has become standard operating procedures that we have to listen to her rant and complain about her "broken house." Hell, I know the place is old and needs rapairs here and there but the last I checked, it was still standing, still liveable, etc. Where in blazes do these kids get these notions anyway?

And what's more, I even took a nice little pill this afternoon because I was getting really out-of-sorts, ultra-anxiouis, stressing, etc., so I am really relatively calm right now.

Be very afraid if I hadn't taken that lovely little gem -"Grammy's little helper" ya know!

But, I think for now, I am going to hang it up -very early -and go do something else that will distract my mind from this goofiness called Google Reader/Feedburner/RSS/Atom feeds, etc. However, what I'll be doing is equally difficult and tends to make me slightly crosseyed too -working on a cross stitch embroidery project!

If I don't muck it up too much in the process, maybe I'll post a photo of the item once I get it fnished -probably several months from now though as slow as I am with the stitching thing stuff!


Suldog said...

I have one "tip" that may be of help, but I suspect you've already tried.

Having no internet connection on my home computer, I write at home in Word. Then I put what I wrote onto a floppy, bring it to work, and open Word here. After opening the file I wrote, I copy it, and paste it into Blogger. Here's the thing: You have to make sure that you paste it into the "Edit Html" section, otherwise - if you paste it into the "Compose" section - all of the html code becomes gibberish.

Good luck!

terri said...

Sorry, I can't help. I've never validated my blog, so I can't offer any assistance. I hope you get things figured out soon. In the meantime, I'll just have to remember to check your blog even if it shows no new posts.

Mary said...
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Mary said...


Can't help you with the reader thing. I am illiterate about this type of program. I have never validated my blog that I know of and I have copied and pasted from Word. I'm not sure why it isn't working for you.

As far as the meltdowns about the broken house, there is something different at your house than at the friend's house. Something that she likes to do. Maybe it is just that she wants her own bed? Where does she sleep when she's at the friend's house?

It takes a lot sometimes to decipher the language of autism. Maya may be referring to something completely different. There is no way to tell until you stumble on the solution. These situations are always a guessing game. Ask her if she can show you how to fix it. You might be surprised.

Take care and drop me a line from my blog with your email addy. I lost it when my computer crashed.


Lifecruiser said...

I'm in a hurry (busy, busy those days after 5 weeks of vacation!), so I'll give you this for now:

If you’re having some kind of problem with your feed in your Blogger-blog:

1) Check the template code that it says the right feed address (the blogger default RSS if that’s what you use, like:

2) Go to Settings -> Site Feed tab -> Post Feed Redirection URL field

3) See if any other redirection URL of your blog is written in that field. (You shouldn’t have anything written there if you’re not redirecting your normal Blogger feed).

4) Is it the right one you want there?

Example, one of my Blogger friends had her default feed URL in that field without knowing it, which made the RSS feed to break. Blogger obviously couldn’t handle a redirection of the default feed to the default feed URL. Kind of doubled up.

The RSS feed worked again when she deleted that text in the redirection field.

Another dear blogging friend of mine had the wrong RSS Feed URL in the Blogger template code, so it’s worth checking.

I hope you get it sorted out, give me another shout otherwise :-)

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Jeni said...

I'm just gonna let the above Anonymous comment stay instead of deleting it. Why? Well maybe someday someone else will come along and read this and tell me what in blazes this particular spammer is trying to say! Wish these folks would learn to use proper English at the very least when commenting!

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