Monday, September 10, 2007

A "Woo Hoo" Day!

Wow! What a day it was today. Aggravating, scary, fun, exciting, interesting and in the end, really aching and tiring to my old bag of bones held together by a whole lot of excess fat cells!

Let's start at the beginning.

I woke up shortly before 7 a.m. and headed to the kitchen to put on my first pot of coffee for the day. What did I find awaiting me right smack dab in front of the stove, on the floor? Well it was a lovely little pile of cat crap, nicely deposited there by our old cat, Gracie the Senile! Damned cat anyway! Well at least I saw it and didn't step in it which usually happens to me when I go zipping out to the kitchen, in my bare feet and always manage to step right in her little puddles of pee she likes to put down in front of the sink. Why this cat is doing this is beyond me! Last night, I watched her head into the litter box, and with her butt hanging out over the edge, she proceeded to whiz there so of course, not a drop of the whiz hit the litter! This evening, she managed to bump her nose on the front screen door, which she has now figured out will open at that little bit of a tap and she escaped to the great outdoors only to come back in and the first thing she did - well naturally, she headed to the kitchen and right in front of Mandy no less, she took a dump in front of the stove again! She's really got her wires crossed big time, I'd say!

Ok, cleaned up her morning constitutional, made coffee, headed into the computer to begin my day of checking e-mail, reading the CDT online, checking blogs, maybe getting around to writing a post if I don't go braindead in the process. I heard the coffee pot making its little noises -hisses and tiny clink/clanks that indicate the coffee was done and away I went for that first cup of the day. I get to the kitchen and the other cat, still a kitten really, Nina, was busy batting her paw under one of the two bar stools at the kitchen counter. What the heck was she playing with under there? I moved the bar stool slightly to see what was fascinating her and lo and behold, out scrambles one huge, really, really furry SPIDER! And Nina was chasing it, batting it about, grabbing at it with her mouth and I was scrambling, trying to locate the paper towels in hopes if the spider came in my direction and close enough, I could bend over (there's a painful act all by itself) and catch said spider in my web of paper toweling. However, about the time the spider would head in my direction, Nina would spy it again and being the whole process of batting the creature around some more. I never did catch it but warned Mandy when she came down about an hour later not to be surprised if she saw this ugly thing curled up in a ball someplace under the radiator, the table or scurrying about trying to escape her or Nina! About an hour after that, Mandy announced she'd come down, seen and conquered the spider. Hip hip hooray! (I HATE SPIDERS!)

We didn't make it to church this morning - Maya is in mid-stream with the normal head cold all kid tend to get within a week or two of being exposed to several other children in a school setting so she was not feeling up to snuff early this morning - Kurtis has since been deemed a beneficiary of Maya's generosity in germ sharing and no doubt, I probably will be next in line to be so blessed I suppose.

Today was the opening game of my Grandson, Alex's Pee Wee League football season. Their game today was at Bald Eagle - Bellefonte Raiders against the Bald Eagle school "little Eagles" and the grandson's team won - 34 (or was it 35?) to 14! The whole family went down there to watch him play in their season opener and Maya was really excited about this. The whole way down there (about a 30 mile drive) she kept saying "Alex? Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo!" The skies were gray all day, and it was hot, very, very muggy which had me really feeling sorry for those poor kids there running with all that equipment on and sweating their butts off! The kids did a good job - both teams though and it was a lot of fun to watch (with lots of pride for the biggest of my grandkids) do his thing on the football field!

After the game, we all stopped out at the truckstop restaurant where I used to work - a long, long time ago or so it seems now - as the assistant manager. Three of the waitresses who worked there when I did were on shift today as well as the lady who took my place and they all came out and greeted the family and me. It was really neat seeing these folks again as it has been several years now - probably about 3 years - since the last time we were there and had a chance to see any of my old co-workers. Got caught up somewhat too on the gossip at the place while eating supper there too.

But, by the time we got back home, my back and tailbone were aching, my left ankle had swollen up about double its normal, already swollen size, and it was aching plus, having had that big meal there, it was working on my stomach as well as trying to tell me that sleep was something I really, really needed, right then and there! So I headed to my room, crashed on the bed there for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours! I did feel a lot better after the nap and thankfully, the ankle swelling started to drop back a good bit too.

And now, I'm hoping I didn't sleep so much that I won't be able to drop off tonight. The little guy is asleep at the moment but having a hard time of it tonight - stuffy nose, sweaty and miserable - you all know the drill there how it feels when a yucky head cold is coming on and I figure it's probably twice as hard for a little one like him - or his sister - when they don't understand what's wrong with them too.

And thus ends my big "Woo Hoo" Day! It really was that ya know!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making the trip Mom!
It really was a "Woo Hoo " Day