Sunday, September 30, 2007

Easy Come, Easy Go!

There's a really neat little piece under the "Sunday Scribblings" at Patois' place that initially led me to believe in my dotage now, I was gaining some power. I commented to that effect too on her blog. However, she commented back that since I may qualify by age but I am also dealing with a teen and two toddlers, my "power"has been diminished. If that sounds confusing, it won't be if you take a peek in and see what she really had to say on this topic. Quite a good piece, enjoyable and enlightening. I'm quite sure you'll all agree on that point once you read it.

On the homefront today, as always, Maya and her vocabulary can provide some interesting - to say the least -things. Sometimes, she says things which I have absolutely no clue what in blazes she is trying to say - really complicates life at times because when that happens and she can't get her "message" across to us, her patience level dwindles quite rapidly. So, when she comes up with a word or phrase that gets us all confused, we usually try to get her to show us, to point to what it is that has grabbed her attention.

Earlier this afternoon, she had been out in the backyard briefly with her two older half-sisters - Kate, the teen, and Sierra, the pre-teen. Kate had brought Maya back inside to a considerable bit of whining and complaining and then outright crying. All of that makes it even more difficult to interpret her words then. And, in the midst of her wailing, she kept saying "Wan' see the canaholpers!" Needless to say, I was totally at a loss as to what she was referencing. Finally, in desperation, I turned to Kate, asking if she had a clue as to what the heck these "canaholpers" could possibly be.

With a smirky look, Kate quietly replied to me "Sierra's playing with a caterpillar in the back yard." OKAY! Gotcha now and in Maya speak, it all makes perfectly good sense - Canaholpers - Caterpillers - works for me!

I just spied a news article from the Associated Press - published online on my sign-in page -in which I see that I -along with others who are in the poverty row column -are again going to be the ones who will be paying a really big chunk of the costs for the proposed $35 billion increase for children's health coverage. How's that happening you ask? Because they're going to tag the smoker's with this cost by upping the federal taxes on cigarettes.

I know, I know - you're going to give me the standard lecture about the evils of tobacco, cigarettes, even smokeless tobacco too I suppose - and I won't argue all your points there either as I know full well they are valid, true, accurate and I SHOULD definitely stop smoking. I know that all too well - don't need constant carping at me about it. And to be honest, the carping tends to shove me into feeling a need for just one more smoke too.

But anyway, that is a bit of a digression there from what I started writing about with this news flash. The article states that by and large, the poor people tend to smoke more than the rich. Gee, go figure that one! It's been about the only luxury we could afford for relaxation, and such! Oh -ok, shut up -that's not a valid argument there I suppose although I see it as one.

But ya know, I was just thinking about something that I'm betting these rich fat cats would never ever, not even in a hundred, probably not in a thousand years think of doing to help pay for some programs in the country today - and I'm not saying that this would fund the needed increase for the children's health coverage but it sure couldn't hurt any either - and that is why don't these blowhards in Washington - same applies to the jackasses often populating the state houses in every place in the nation too - start having to pay at least a portion of their health insurance instead of we - all of us (not just me and the smokers here) having to shell out to see that they have the creme de la creme of insurance plans.

Oh and while I'm thinking along these lines, why don't they turn the tables and have to pay into the Social Security plan too -same as everybody else does.

Just thinking there, ya see. And by now, as many of you are aware, it can be a strange post coming your way when I do start thinking, just a little bit.

Have a nice day now ya'll, will ya please?


Patois said...

Thanks for the hats off, dear! Sorry to disappoint you with the comment back!

WalksFarWoman said...

Another great post Jeni!
The smoking part reminded me of a post I wrote some time ago called Playing the Game

It was about being chat shows, homelessness, smoking and destiny - goodness knows what goes on inside our heads some days! :)

Shelby said...

enjoyed . .

Posolxstvo said...

As a former smoker, I could never harp on you for your habit. (Of course, when I smoked, I could get a carton of smokes at the BX or Commissary for less than $5, without paying any of the Sin taxes.) I understand the addiction too well to do that. If you want to quit, you will. If you don't, you won't.

My father quit after his heart attack, but when he was diagnosed with (unrelated) cancer, and it was clear that the cancer was much more likely to take him than his heart, he started up again. Some would get pissed off at this, but I understand it completely.

At this point, I have decided to raise my kids in a smoke free home. If I diodn't have kids, I could so easily lapse back into smoking. It's just so damn seductive!