Saturday, September 22, 2007

Keep Smilin'

Wow! It's happened again! This time, my Canadian friend, Mau, has given me the "Smile" award too.

And, after the day I had today, to open her blog and read that - well, it made me smile. Also made me feel a whole lot better too. Many thanks go out to you tonight, Mau.

In all honesty, I think every single blogger on my list of favorites usually makes me smile somewhere along the lines of their posts -even when it is a really serious topic, they can turn a phrase that will make me smile in agreement at times, at other times, smile at the humor they've written into their post of the day.

So to everyone of you reading my blog - take this smile award, put it on your blog for all the world to see if you're so inclined or just know, at any rate, that I think you're all one super bunch of folks, all deserving of getting a great big smile from me today!

Wear it in good health, please.

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Well deserved. It is the small things in life that matter, and making someone smile is right up there at the top. Keep on smiling!