Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fog Lifting

When I awoke today - depending on which time it may have been, 2 a.m., 5 a.m. or almost 10 a.m. - my head was in various states of fogginess. At 2 a.m., I was still feeling pretty crappy with this lovely head cold. By 5 a.m., when I awoke again and took some more cough medicine and more cold tablets, I noticed I slight difference in that I didn't feel as much of the vice that had seemed to be pressing on my head and eyes for the past two days was there and by 10 a.m., as I took more cough medicine and the next two cold tablets, my nose was not operating like an open faucet and my vision seemed a lot clearer. Now, to just get rid of the tickling sensation in my ears and I figure I'll be just about back to normal once again.

When I got up at 10 a.m., the weather here looked very grey, almost ominous, and I was thinking oh brother, not a dreary, chilly and rainy day but within the past hour, it's amazing how even that has cleared off and now, the sun is shining brightly, a stiff breeze blowing (a bit chilly though) and things are looking up all around me.

Well, except of course for the "let's hang on for dear life" cough that no doubt will persist for the next couple of weeks. Things like that always take forever now to leave me - or so it seems.

My morning cup of coffee in hand, I settled in at the old computer to check my e-mail, read the morning's new too on the CDT and then, head on to check out my favorite bloggers to see what they have to say today.

At noon today, my Penn State Nittany Lions will kick off against the Buffalo Bulls and hopefully, will have another check mark in their win column when all is said and done with that game. So far this year, so good -they're 2 and 0. I know, it's early in the season and all kinds of things can happen but I've been a Penn State fan for many years prior to becoming an alum and like all Penn Staters, the world over, I like to see Joepa and his "boys" do well, ya know.

If I can figure out now if this game will be televised on any of the local networks or any of the sports channels on our cable, it'll make for some good Saturday afternoon viewing for me at any rate.

One of the things I found when I opened my e-mail though today was a "Weather alert" - sent to me by my good friend from high school -and also another Penn Stater -Sharon Rolley. This alert had a picture of a beautiful blue sky, with a huge white cloud and the formation of the cloud was such that it looked like it was someone's hand and it was giving one of those gestures we frequently get (and give) while driving -that good old "finger" and under the picture it said, if you see this when you leave your house today, you might want to go back in and just have another cup of coffee.

And, considering the fact that now, the weather outside seems to have reverted back to the greyish skies, winds picking up, no sun showing, I'm hoping that isn't an omen for changing tides in the game today too.

ROAR, Lions, ROAR! Go Penn State! WE ARE!

Now, cross my fingers and pray, huh?


Smalltown RN said...

oh that sounds all so stuffed up and sorry...I am sufferng terribly with allergies...itchy eyes, scratchy throat, stuffed up eyes..and a box of kleenex later..and yes it is grey skies here today as well...I knew it was going to weather knees kicked in yesterday while I was running...I can always tell when the weather is going to knees ache....funny how that is....I hope your team wins...have a great day my friend...

Smalltown RN said...

ps...I am glad you posted that peace symbol on your know I am going to put mine there as well....great idea...cheers...

Theresa said...

Yes I do agree if you see a cloud like that it is best to stay inside and have another coffee.
Glad you are feeling better! Have a nice weekend.

janey wan said...

Sorry to hear your under the weather, both inside and out. You are heading into the season I miss the most of living back east.

A few things I miss. Cardinals, Holly trees, bittersweet, the smell of rotting leaves, Amish country and their quaint little stores, hardwood trees for the woodstove. I won't even start to list the foods I miss!

Feel better! Is Joe still coaching? Go Penn State!

TomCat said...

Jeni, I hope you feel better quickly.

On your games, try this website.

You can customize it for your local provider.

Patois said...

Hmmmmm, did you go back in for another cup of coffee?

Linda said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling moderately better and that the fog is clearing at least some.

Today started out cold and rainy here, too, and now it's sunny, windy, and a bit on the chilly side. Nothing wrong with that, though! I'd rather have chilly than humid, which is what it was yesterday!

Have you been having with the comments just on my page or has it been with other Blogger pages, too? I haven't noticed any problems, though sometimes it takes forever for these comment boxes to open. Seems like with Blogger it's always one thing or another!

Good luck with that check mark in the win column you're hoping for today!!

lattégirl said...

Sounds like you cut that head cold off at the pass pretty quickly. I know about the long-lasting cough, though... you're not a smoker, are you?

My cold is mostly gone, but the cough is definitely hanging on. It's worse in the first half of the day.

Paula said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling a little bit better. Up hill trek anyway, it sounds like. Gray and foggy here today too, but still and almost warm. I can feel fall. I love that!
No football for me tonight, hope your Peen State kicks some butt!

Jeni said...

A little update here
Cough still hanging on but losing its mega grip now -thanks to mega doses of Mucinex DM (Children's -ha ha) cough syrup and also switching over to Mucinex DM cold tablets (a 12 hour variety).
And to Latte Girl - unfortunately, yes, nicotine is part of my routine. I used to say I was addicted to the "ines" - nicotine, caffeine and amphetamines. I gave up the amphetamines though oh, about 37 years ago but sometimes, I really do miss those puppies!