Friday, September 28, 2007

Authority - Getting it Back

I'm far from an expert when it comes to anything pertaining to blogging -other than how to click on the "new post" thing and start typing. I did figure out how to put a sitemeter on my blog, joined the group as well as the Fuel My Blog that were both supposed to flood my site with readers. I've not seen much success from the Fuel My Blog -or maybe I didn't know some new lurkers were coming from that site because they never left a message but I have picked up some great readers off and on through the MyBlogLog - which shows up on my sidebar under the "recent readers" header, complete with a photo or avatar (I think that's what it's called) from some other bloggers.

One other thing I did do quite sometime ago was to "claim my blog" on Technorati. Again, I don't profess to understand any of the technical stuff to do with these things, but I did recently learn about the ping thing and how if I go to Technorati and click on my "favorites" it will give me a listing of what of my favorite blogs have a new post up and sometimes it can save a little time since I don't always have to go down the list and click on each blog, one by one, to see if they have a new post up. It's not foolproof, but it does help a good bit to save a little time now and then.

Today, one of my favorite bloggers posted about how every six months - or some such time span -blogs listed -or claimed - on Technorati have to be refreshed in order to keep one's authority with Technorati intact, growing or whatever. My Norwegian friend at Mum's Home is the one who said to do this little trick to refresh our blogs and links, keep them active according to Technorati.

According to Stine, all we need to do is a post like this in which you list the links to every blog on your favorites, post the blog and ping it and Technorati then does all the rest. And, if you do this every six months, it will be applied to your authority and refreshes those links. So with that in mind, here's all my favorite links:
Sasha AKA Billie Jo
My Favorite Autistic
House of Lime
The Bipolar Diaries
Janey's Life in Westcliffe
Norwegian Mom
Polehill Sanitarium
Field Lines Magnetbabe
Theresa's Life
Wade and Erika
Once A Brat
Burnett's Urban Etiquette
Politics Plus
Atlanta Attorney Dave
Are We There Yet?
Bruce in Eastern PA
Rinsem's Rink
Inner Dialogues
A Twist of Humor
Paradise Valley 2
On A Rainy Night
Bob's Odder Blog
Shelby Dupree's
Walking Blind
Memoirs of a Inmates Wife
Meloncutter Musings
Cariboo Ponderer
The Ghost Company Town of Peale, Pennsylvania
Today The Dragon Wins
Turning The Pages Of Life
Walks Far Woman
A Little Piece of Me
It's About Time
Skittle's Place

That's my list at this time - more to be added as soon as I get my fat self around to getting the layout page set up to do that minor little chore.

And, here's hoping six months from now, Stine reminds us all to do this all over again!


Vic Grace said...

I didn't know that, I will have to get around to it as well. I notice that our 'authority' at Technorati has done well since we did that Warm the Globe thingy. I don't understand the authority thing either, and does it matter?

Shelby said...

I'm not very techno inclined.. thanks for reminding me of the authority thingie..

janeywan said...

I didn't know that either. How do you get all those links in a post. Gosh I hope not one at a time!!!

Sunshine said...

Awwwww shucks, thanks! Right back at ya!

Theresa said...

Wow, thanks for including me in your favorite list :) Being new to blogging-just posted #50 today, I am happy when I can get my pictures in the right spots.

All that sounds pretty techy to me, but all good stuff to know since I haven't heard any of that stuff before.

Have a good weekend!

Debo Blue said...

Two words: WHAT? HUH? I've never heard of this stuff.

I'll just keep mine simple and small for the time being.

Oh Jeni, you've been tagged!

Patois said...

Well, that's might nice of you to do. Explains why you got the Nice Matters Award. Twice!

dgibbs said...

Thanks Jeni you're in mine as well. Unfortunately haven't updated lately.

dr sardonicus said...

Authority, as I understand it, is simply the number of blogs that have linked to you over the last six months.

That's why I'll also do things like link stuff I've been reading lately, especially if I have nothing else to write about. If I don't feel like writing for a few days, the least I can do is help out my fellow bloggers some.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

jeni, would you mind adding my two blogs?


smiles, bee

PunditMom said...

I'm going to try it! My ranking has been sinking like a stone!