Friday, September 21, 2007

Waking and Waiting

I'm fairly wide awake -actually, surprisingly, I am. I should be. I've been up since 4 a.m. and it's now just after 7 a.m. on this really foggy Friday morning. Well, it's foggy as all get out here in my neck of the woods. How's it looking out your window at your place this morning?

I was really, really tired last night - although I'd had a good afternoon nap, done nothing overly exerting. I know - before older daughter pips up here -"When do I do anything OVERLY exerting" - anyway, at least not much of that kind of stuff going on with me any more. So, last night I hit my bed pillow REALLY early - like 10 p.m., cause I just couldn't keep the eyes open, the neck, shoulders, back and legs were all giving me the ache that said "I am really tired, please take me to bed so I can get some rest." I think it was all a culmination of things at play there. Shoulders, neck and upper spine were sore from all the darned hacking I've been doing with this lovely cold and the system in general was dog tired from a build up caused by the cold pills and the extra strong cough syrup Mandy got me too. Anyway, the good thing about telling you this is that I actually fell asleep and slept longer than 2 1/2 to 4 hours straight thru! Can't believe it! It's been ages since I had a sleep that lasted THAT long! Impressive, it was too.

So, I woke up at this early hour and nothing much on the boob tube that I wanted to pay particular attention to so I turned to the old faithful computer. Oh heck, who am I trying to kid. I'd turn to the old computer before paying attention to anything on the tv regardless. Yes. I. Would.

A quick check of the e-mail, deep sixed a lot of that stuff. Browsed around my favorite blogs -found a couple who'd done a new post since I'd retired for the evening. And one I found was celebrating his first blogoversary! This ONE - go check him out, say hello and Happy Day to HIM. Reading his anniversary post I discovered something nifty. He'd gone to all the work of listing everyone who'd made a comment in the year he's had his blog and thanked each and every one of them. Then, when I clicked open his comment section, his first comment there today was from a blogger who's been on my favorites list for a long time now too. And it was through HER blog HERE that had led me to THIS blog HERE which had in turn led me to the blogger celebrating his anniversary today! Now, isn't that just cool as cat s**t? (That's one of my ex-husband's many little expressions. Old habits do die hard ya know!)

I don't remember now how I found Debo Blue's blog - if I found her or she found me - but we found each other somewhere along the way over the past year at any rate. She lives out in Phoenix, is a very busy working lady, also very strong in her faith in Christ too along with being a devoted daughter to her Mama and a loving (and spoiling too -dare I say that, Debo) Aunt to her many nieces and nephews as well. I see by her post this morning that she just became an "auntie" again yesterday and that all is well with her niece, the new mother, as well as with the great-niece -the new baby too! Congrats to you Debo and to the new mama and welcome to the little one! Always a great day when we can say we have another new member added to our respective families, isn't it?

And one night a month or two back, when I was awake in the wee hours of the morning, bored, looking for something new to read that I decided I would explore the blogs listed as "favorites" on blogs I had listed in my favorites. The plan then was to go down through each of my faves and read all the blogs showing on each one of their lists. No, I haven't done that the whole way through as yet. So far, I think Debo's is the only one I've managed to surf over everyone on her faves list. But anyway, in doing that, I stumbled on to the guy I have listed on my faves as "Dave - the Atlanta Attorney" but whose blog name is actually "Rather Than Working."

Now, I know back when I first added his blog to my favorites list, I mentioned it -along with I think five or six other blogs I'd found that I liked and that I'd added to my listing. If you didn't go read Dave's blog then, do it today or sometime very soon. I'm betting you'll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of posts he puts up as well as the tone, the time he puts into his thought process of his posts and his problems from time to time dealing with this lovely technology known to all of us here as blogging. As it turned out the day I first hit on Dave's blog, he and the anniverary guy and another blogger - this one here - (labeled simply "Bruce in Eastern PA" on my faves list) were engrossed in a big discussion about baseball and to figure out what they were talking about, I ended up that night visiting all three of those blogs and finding myself really happy that I'd discovered these three guys and their chatting back and forth, arguing points of view, etc. Check out Bruce's blog too - definitely a "try it, you'll like it" kind of place to go visit.
Don't just peek in on these folks and read one post - scroll through and read a goodly number of their pieces to get a really good grasp of the reading advice I've given you here.

Why now you may be wondering did I decide to do my daily post here at this hour when generally I tend to read through what everyone else has to say before putting a piece up here? Well, one of the comments I received from one of my faves - THIS ONE HERE - who remarked about my post yesterday on my column I was supposed to be writing that went down in flames or up in smoke or just plain fizzled out anyway - take your pick there of what you want to call what happened to it -and Latte Girl had told me that since I wouldn't be doing the column she could still then count on me to have something new for her to read when she gets up every morning. So I figured well, if she's looking to me for something to read over her morning coffee (or is it tea? She's Canadian ya know so you can never be too sure about those folks -coffee or tea.) then I'd best get my fat behind in gear and give her something to read bright and early this morning as she's trying to wake up.

I forgot to tell you all the little Maya story of the day yesterday too though. When Mandy went out to meet her as the van brought her home from her fun day at school, as she was walking into the house, Maya kept patting the decal on her tee shirt and trying to tell Mandy something pertaining to it. At first, Mandy couldn't figure out what she was saying - had to have her repeat it all several times before she understood Maya's words. The decal was an angel and Maya was pointing to it saying "Angel. That's me!" I don't know what misguided person at school had to have said that to her because trust me, she is far from being an angel in her actions at times but yet, at the same time yes, she is indeed, an angel. Well, ok - at least to old Grammy's eyes she is that anyway!

And, really too - aside from wanting to share the blogaversary of Pole Hill Sanitarium and telling you how I found his blog, how I found Debo's and Dave's and Bruce's too and making sure Latte Girl has something to read when she gets up today -oh and sharing the angel story about my little Princess Maya with you all - I was just writing this while waiting for my morning coffee to finish brewing too!

Now, everyone go get busy, get to work, get to reading, writing, posting to your blogs - whatever it is each has to do today.

And while you're at it, be sure to have a good day too!


Sunshine said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog in your insomnia madness! I put you in my Google Reader, I'll be back!

magnetbabe said...

Wow, you sure are an ambitious blogger! Checking out other people's favorites are a great way to find new distractions. Once in awhile I'll see one of my "blog friends" on another site and wonder we both found that site through the same path.

Linda said...

I barely have time to read my favorites so trying to find new blogs seems almost impossible. Which is a shame because there are so many really good blogs out there that I'm sure I'd love to read. I either need to win the lottery (would help if I played!) or get paid to be a full-time blog reader! Now that would be quite the job, wouldn't it?

dr sardonicus said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jeni.

I can't claim the idea of listing and thanking all my commenters as my own, though. I picked that up from Fermicat, another friend of mine and Dave's that you should be reading.

I see Sunshine and Magnetbabe have made it over here. My readers do get around! That's one of the great things about blogging - we all build our own little circles, and it's neat to see how they all overlap.

Theresa said...

Well I have been reading your blog for about a month now and my question to you is do you ever sleep?

As always love the Maya story-from what you have written I would have to agree with Maya that she is an angel

Debo Blue said...

Jeni you are the sweetest! I too don't remember how we met, I think it was from Empress' site? Not sure anymore but however we found each other, I'm glad.

I am officially a great aunt, thanks to my niece in Vegas and although I keep saying that I'm gonna quit spoiling my nieces and nephews I keep doing it.

I've thought about going through your faves list to find people but I don't have the time either. I tried playing those weekly posts like Thursday 13 etc but I'd get behind.

Sorry that hacking cough's still pestering you, hope you finally beat it.

Stine said...

Hi, and thanks for the visit! Hope you got to sleep a little longer today (Saturday).
Sweet story about Maya...

david mcmahon said...

Hi Jeni,

Wonderful post. Lovely to hear of great blogs and bloggers who care.

And thanks so much or adding me to you blogroll.

Keep smiling


Dave said...

Jeni, thanks for the kind words. I've been remiss lately in reading the people I regularly read. Thus me being three days late with this comment.