Thursday, September 13, 2007


I knew I should have steered clear. I knew I was getting just a trifle too cocky about this stuff and saying how lucky I am that it rarely bothers me. But doggone it anyway, wouldn't you just know it though it's happened.

I got a head cold!

Last Thursday, a mere two days after she started attending the preschool over in Clearfield for autistic kids, Maya came home with a head cold. She promptly shared it with her little brother. He and Maya both decided (apparently) that I don't have enough things going on in my life, in my body what with all the other weird aches and pains in my back, my leg, my ankle, etc., so they both gave me this wonderful gift now too. (It's either that or I got it via a virus on my computer through a certain Canadian blogger who, two days ago, announced she was suspending blogging till the head cold she had broke up and the cotton feeling in her head cleared up!)

So anyway, here I am now with my right nostril blocked, my throat getting raspier by the minute, all kinds of stuff that Claire, that "Cheeky little Brit" as Linda called her on her blog last night, told us she had going on in her head, ears and throat a good while back! And feeling sluggish as all get out here is what I'm dealing with too right now.

The cold tablets I'm taking say on the advisements on the package that these could cause insomnia - among other lovely and wonderful side effects - like an increase in blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and the like.

With me, these particular tablets along with the cough medicine - and don't forget to add in the grandson's penchant at times for waking up about five to ten minutes after my head hits the pillow and keeping me up for anywhere from a half hour to two or three hours in the middle of the night -well, these meds apparently work in the reverse then on me - they make me drowsy, very, very drowsy.

Which is one reason I always liked Contact! The package for them warns that Contact could make a person drowsy but it always seemed to give me a buzz, wake me up! Actually, Contact usually reminds me of the days, way, way back when (almost four decades ago) that I used to love to take neat little pills commonly referred to as "Christmas Trees" and a few other types that had very politically incorrect names for them too but gave me loads of energy and the ability to stay awake for days on end!

Sometimes, I miss those good old days ya know so much so that there have been times in recent years I kind of longed for a good head cold so I had an excuse to take Contact and get that nice little buzz plus lots of energy to boot.

Today is not one of those days though.

I just want this cold to cease and desist - just Be. Gone. Now.

Know what I mean there?


SonjaBlu's Friend at Work said...

They still make Contact? Have a head cold too, wish I could have something to ease the pain in my nasal cavity :)

PS: I got here from Attorney Dave's blog... thanks!

Theresa said...

Those kid viruses are tough- last thanksgiving my little nephew got everyone so sick, although some people thought it might of been my cooking.

Debo Blue said...

Ha! Ha at Theresa. That's funny:-)

Sorry for the cold Jenny, expect much more now that Maya's become a carrier:-)

Didn't we all love Contact? And why did they make them change the formula for Nyquil? What glorious buzzes those were.

Vic Grace said...

Hope you feel better soon.

RUTH said...

Oh Dear...having read Claire's lurid details some time ago I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for your visit to my blog...nice to hear from someone who has also been through the "mature student" maze. :o)

david mcmahon said...

G'day Jeni,

Here's hoping you feel better soon.

We have an all-purpose anti-cold and flu tablet here called Codral and the ad jingle is ``Soldier on with Codral''.

Take it easy. Have a brandy - for medicinal purposes only - of course!

Keep smiling


Shelby said...

I hope you feel better soon too :)

magnetbabe said...

I was mad too that they changed the formula for Nyquil The new decongestant doesn't work AT ALL. Last time I got sick, I took two real Sudafeds and chased them with a couple beers to counteract the insomnia. Worked beautifully. Hope you feel better and thanks for visiting my blog!

Linda said...

Just hope you don't end up with a bunch of "ear juice" as that cheeky little Brit likes to call it!

Take care and I hope you feel better soon - there is almost nothing worse than a head cold!

lattégirl said...

I did not transmit my germs to you, because I was not online when my head cold hit! lol

That said... I know how you feel -- just want it to be over NOW, or sooner. I wanted to chop my own head off for the first 48 hours.

Maybe try Sinutab for the congestion? Worked for me, didn't make me drowsy, although it might act differently on you. Lots of fluids, and be sure to eat so that your body has the strength to fight it off. (I didn't eat for 24 hours -- call it a fast -- but when I started eating on Monday morning, I realized I was starving, and it helped speed along the healing process.)

masgblog said...

Sorry to hear that you have a 'code' jeni.....*sniff*

I do not *happy dance here*

Janna said...

This sounds awful!
Get well soon!

david mcmahon said...

G'day, again,

Shall I come round with a casserole and a coffee?

It's a long way from Australia, but I'll do it

Keep smiling


Bankerchick said...

I got my first ever summer cold this year as well and I didn't have anything (up to date) in the medicine chest. I found you from 'are we there yet?' and I too have problems with opening some bloggers comments. I finally got on to hers by right clicking on the comment link then right clicking on open and as I told her Voila, it opened. Some bloggers take so long to load and it wreaks havoc with me making comments, I hope not more. BTW, your comment opened right up, I like your blog I'll be back!