Friday, September 07, 2007

Blog Worth Zip!

Quite some time ago, I added the little widget thing on my side bar that asks the question,
"How much is your blog worth?" And for many months, it sat there showing my blog to be worth a little over $5,000 -or maybe it was $8,000 - I don't know, cause I don't remember the exact amount.

Well, about a month ago now or maybe six weeks - again, memory fails me there - I decided to check on that widget again, run it through the paces so to speak, and see if the worthiness of my blog had increased at all.

The results then said it was worth over $15,000 so I decided that I'd best re-install that widget. Why would I want it sitting there saying this blog was only worth $5,000 to $8,000 when in actuality it was now worth over $15,000. So, I copied the html text, opened the customize label, went to the area in my layout where that widget was resting - peacefully too, I might add - and I entered the new html code, clicked save and all that good stuff.

Imagine my surprise then when I re-opened my blog and now it said my blog was worth a big fat NOTHING! What's more, it didn't even show the spot to click on there to go to the area where one can get the code to install that widget like it had shown before.

I tried several times to reinstate the amount in my blog's worth - all to no avail.

I even went so far as to e-mail the creator of the "Blog's Worth" - Dane Carlson - to ask him why my blog was refusing to show the amount the instruction page said it was worth and further more, why it didn't even give the link back to that instruction page either.

Now, that was about 2-3 weeks ago that I did that and so far, Mr. Carlson, has yet to respond, apparently has no answer for me as to how to correct this little issue.

Tonight, I decided to give it yet another try to have my blog's worth showing up there. I went through all the steps and saw my worth had even increased up to over $25,000 now. Plugged everything in according to the direction and when I went back to my blog to check on this - after being told my changes had all been saved, etc., I find my blog is still worth NOTHING!

This is really depressing me now folks! It's bad enough that my checking account generally runs on the very low side but to think the code says my blog is worth over $25,000 when I try to plug that in, and then when I am finished, it says it is worth zip -well, you can just imagine how lower than low that tends to make me feel.

And the fact that the creator of this lovely little widget won't even respond to me, won't even show his face much less try to help me fix this - well I find that rather upsetting too. Wouldn't you?

So, if anyone out there has a clue as to what to do to correct this on my blog, please, feel free to come forward and help me get this fixed. NOW!

Sure would appreciate it.


masgblog said...

I remember reading somewhere awhile back that it had something to do with linking, number of links in posts...

Shelby said...

I have no idea...

Linda said...

I have a custom template so I'm not a whole lot of help when it comes to helping others figure out theirs - sorry!

I will say that I used to have one of those "blog worth" widgets on my blog and it said it was worth a decent six-figure sum which was nice. However I decided that because I couldn't mortgage my blog or get a loan against its worth I was just going to remove the thing because honestly, it just didn't seem to matter! Besides, I have so much other stuff on my sidebar it was probably just one less thing I needed!

Besides, your blog is priceless!!

theresa said...

not sure about this rating of blogs, but just remember your feelings and memories are priceless, and what others learn from your blog can't be measured either. So if I had it I'd give you $50,000 for it

Vic Grace said...

Sorry can't help with this one.