Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Out Before It Was In!"

Apparently my budding journalistic career has already become a thing of the past - before it even got a true peek into the printed realm, no less. Such is the fate I suppose of many budding writers though so why should mine be any different?

For anyone reading this for the first time, I suppose I should explain - well, maybe some of my regular readers may have forgotten about this too, so I probably need to bring everyone up to speed, don't I?

About a little over a month ago, I wrote about having received an e-mail invitation to write a monthly column for a local weekly publication here. It was my interpretation that the editor wanted me to write about things that sort of "hit" me in my "travels" out and about and around or whatever you want to call the meanderings of the mind. I was ecstatic about the offer even though there would be no financial gain -translated, this was a freebie on my part -for me in the process.

The first column was to run this week in the edition that will be out tomorrow but this morning I received an e-mail from the editor telling me although the piece I had submitted for my "intro" column was very well-written (his words, not mine), it wasn't quite the angle he had been looking for in this particular column. Apparently I misinterpreted his ideas about this column. Apparently he was more interested in something that focused on current things happening in the region where I live and not my ruminations about life in general in the area where I live.

Because I am somewhat of a recluse - really don't get out of the house very often at all most of the time (two trips for groceries to Walmart per month and maybe a weekly jaunt to the local grocery store 4 miles from the house, maybe church on Sunday and that's about the extent of my physical wanderings in a month's time) -anyway, I don't really get that much input then as to what is really happening around here to try to formulate something of interest for others to read. What things are going on around the area that I DO have a little information about tend to be things that I also have very strong - VERY STRONG - opinions about and they probably would not go over very well in the column setting he wanted to run - especially not if my column were positioned next to the one the local representative from our area to Harrisburg writes each month since I happen to be adamantly opposed to that man theories and principles.

So, it looks like my writing will be relegated completely to what ever I can come up with to talk about here on my lovely little blog. Unless something else might some how magically appear into my life in the near future - which I doubt will happen mainly because I don't believe in fairy godmothers and poppycock like that.

Translated - looks like ya'll are stuck with me and my ramblings for the duration. Hope I don't bore you to tears too frequently. I'll try not to do that anyway.


Gene Bach said...

Rats! I thought you were going to be famous and get rich...then I could come to your house and beg for money. :-)

Jeni said...

Well Gene, the odds on my ever becoming rich or famous,much less both, have always been slim to nil and those odds are now much higher for that to come about. However, you can always come to my house and you can try to beg for money, although unless I start buying lottery tickets and win the powerball for really big bucks, there's no potential in the "begging" department there either. LOL

janey wan said...

Sorry to hear that!

I wonder how many other people got the same letter?

If it's any consolation you somehow got me as a new reader and friend.
I love reading about things that are in ones mind. Maybe you could send them something about a trip to Wal*Mart! Out here that can be interesting. If fact, we were there yesterday.

Theresa said...

on the flip side, maybe you are stuck with us- I have gotten used to reading your happenings of the day- if you got to be one of those fancy published writers who knows if you would have time for us.

lattégirl said...

Well, that's a shame. You'd think the guy could have given you another chance? Or did you tell him you were too reclusive to fit the bill?

Always enjoy reading your blog - it's nice to know that there will be something new every morning!

Vic Grace said...

I am sorry to hear that, I think you were looking forward to it.

BTW thanks for the great comment on the 'Abuse' post.

Singing Owl said...

Oh PHOOEY! I am so sorry!

Debo Blue said...

You should have just started making up crap about everyone. Look at the Nat'l Enquirer and those other rags that publish blatant lies about celebrities and others.

You could have been the newest "Gossip Girl".

Anyway, sorry 'bout that!

Linda said...

Well, son of a bi ... nuts! I hope you'll at least run that first column here for us to read being that no one else ever got to read it in yuor local area like we had all planned.

Maybe the editor should have better explained what he wanted before you went to all that trouble!

Ah well, their loss!

Patois said...

Well, hey, let's see that column. Post it here, and let us be the judge. Anyway, who the hell needs newsprint and ink anymore?