Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Unexpected Site

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a long, long time now, you may recall that one of my favorite pastimes is doing embroidery work. I still do like doing that kind of stuff and, as a matter of fact, right now I am working on a tabletopper. It's a pretty little design - just a small floral spray that sort of winds and twines around the outer edges of the cloth. Nothing super fancy or anything like that and a very easy design to follow.

Quite different from the tablecloth I finished in September that was done as a wedding gift for a dear young friend of mine and which alerted me, big time, to the fact that my fingers don't move near as quickly nowadays as they did not too terribly long ago.

What caused that bit of awareness, you ask? Well, the fact that it took me over four months to complete that project whereas in days gone by, it would have only taken me about 6-8 weeks to complete an undertaking like that one!

But, anyway -I do love to work on either tabletoppers or tablecloths mainly although I do occasionally venture into embroidery on pillowcase and hand or tee towels. The towels though, I only like to work with terry cloth towels and steer clear of the ones that are designs stamped on plain cotton fabrics because those are strictly for show and I have no use for stuff like that. (Well, except of course for tabletoppers and tablecloths -which definitely are "for show" aren't they?)

And, I'm always on the lookout too for online places that sell stuff -such as tablecloths, tabletoppers, table runners, etc., and like to check them out to see if I can find any good bargains that way.

However, tonight -I had a bit of a surprise though when I saw a possible lead for some different tablecloths and the wording said simply striped tablecloth. My curiosity got the better of me and I clicked in to check out what this might be, but unfortunately -as pretty as those tablecloths pictured on this site were, they definitely were not anything of the type I would be able to use with my love of embroidery.

There were some that were a plain type cloth that didn't appeal to me but there were some too that did have some beautiful edgings and might possibly work except for the fact I would have to have my own transfer patterns to use on those and they also would have been very cost prohibitive for my purposes too.

Oh well, it was fun looking at all the tablecloths that site offered anyway! And it did serve to give me some little ideas I could perhaps use for under-cloths to show off my tabletoppers that I have completed for my own home too though.

So it may have been an unexpected site visit but in the end, it was worth the trip!

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