Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Never Fails!

Every Tuesday night (well, when I remember to do this, that is) the very last thing I do before getting ready to go to bed is to take the garbage out. And, in the house, the very last thing I do with respect of getting the garbage ready to take out is to empty the cat's lovely (and stinky) litterbox!

And, without fail, as soon as I start to empty that darned litterbox into the garbage, the little black imp kitten, named Fica, comes running from whatever hiding place she'd been snoozing in and apparently any movement whatsoever of the litter box is like shaking a pan of dry cat food in a small bowl -which I use to entice the little stinker to come back in the house on those occasions when she has turned, magically, into an escape artist and has managed to slide by me when I happen to open the front door!

But this thing she has with the litter box really annoys me!

It's the same principal behind my being upset with her at her urgent need to start on the collection of "things" in the litter box that will be bound for my next trip of taking a garbage bag out to the can for next week's pickup.

I'd appreciate it very much if the nice litter, with it's underlay of baking soda, could at least look pristine for more than 3 minutes after I have gone to the trouble of emptying and cleaning out that litterbox!

Ah, the trials and tribulations that exist for those of us with cats!

It is what it is and I'm doomed to deal with it so may as while smile and hold my nose!

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