Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Memory Joggers - NEEDED!

Almost forgot to do something tonight!

Something of utmost importance and it just about slipped my mind but thankfully, I realized that tonight is the night to take the rest of this week's garbage out to the bin and lug that to the curb so the guys in the trash pickup truck can pick it up about 6 a.m. today and haul it away!

I do usually try to keep my number of bags down to only two bags, as that's the number the company has deemed should be acceptable to care for toting my trash away. However, every now and again, especially if I happened to have been on a little bit of a cleaning tear through the house sometime during the week, odds are that my number of bags might just exceed their limits!

And tonight just might be one of those nights too!

I think I have three bags in the trash can and I got really brave earlier today too in that I lugged the box that's been sitting by the trash can (away from the road and pickup zone) since I broke the darned commode!  Said box contains several pieces of what was left from the broken tank of the commode. (The commode itself is still sitting back from the road beside where the trash can sits all week mainly because I'm afraid to try to lug it over to the berm to see if the pickup guys would be nice enough to haul that away.

Maybe next week I'll be really brave and get that taken up to the curb too!

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