Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My New Plan!

Last week, I hit a landmark in my life. Another birthday took place last Wednesday and it was a big one!

I'm now a member of the Seventies Club!

Yep, I hit the 70-year mark and I'm proud as punch to say that I celebrated this event all week long as my "Birthday Week" not just for one day as is the normal celebratory way.

I hadn't really planned on doing that but on Sunday, I started getting a lot of messages on Facebook wishing me a Happy Birthday. I was able to respond to those and thank the people who wished me well but also, explained to them that Sunday wasn't my birthday however, Wednesday -the 8th- was the official date for my entry into the world. I was a mite confused as to how those folks got the notion that the 5th of October was my birthday but was also getting a few chuckles out of it too.

And then, one of my friends suggested I just celebrate the event all week and that's how I came to do that!

That, plus the fact that my little granddaughter, Miss Maya, has a birthday coming up this Saturday now -the 18th -and she isn't really all that little these days now. She will be 11 this weekend and that doesn't really seem possible but, it is what it is ya know.

Plans were already in the making though for my kids and grandkids and I to have a celebration of my big day as well as Maya's upcoming day on Sunday -the 12th -sort of halfway in between our birthdays, ya know, so celebrating the entire week was no problem whatsoever then.

But I decided by Sunday that I had enjoyed this celebration of my Birthday Week so much that I am going to continue celebrating it from here on forward. I'm looking at my life in a way that I see the good things that have come my way over these past 70 years and celebrating that each day now.

I do often tend to joke about life when people ask how I am and I either say something to the effect that I'm still upright or still breathing or not looking at daisy roots and really, that is pretty much how I regard things these days.

I'm grateful, for sure, to have been fortunate enough to have had that may days honoring the occasion of my birth because so many of my friends have not been so lucky. I'm thankful too for having had to cope with cancer now twice in the past 11 years and so far, after the last go-round four years ago, I am cancer free. At least as of today I have that status but who knows what tomorrow might bring? I sure don't but if it drops another type of cancer in my lap, I'll deal with it at that time and regardless of the type or potential severity, will continue to live one day at a time and not delve into all kinds of worries about that! I've always had a tendency to be a bit on the clumsy side so some of the other little problems that seem to visit me -like losing my balance, falling backwards into the tank on the back of my commode and breaking that -well, I've had a whole lot of laughter out of that event!

My theory is be grateful for my family -my kids, my grandkids and my extended family -along with many, many friends and acquaintances I have made over the span of my lifetime. I walk the dog daily and enjoy seeing the scenery around the street in front of my house, the mountains in view from my house and on Sam's and my walk and admire the handiwork of our Creator and the changes that occur in it throughout the year from spring to summer to fall and winter. And it's a beautiful sight, it really is and it makes me love where I live again and again.

So, no matter what happens to come my way, I am determined to work with it as best I can and if at all possible -if it happens to not be something really pleasant -to find ways to joke about it. Not going to stress and worry myself to death about things over which I have no control so a little humor here and there sure won't hurt then, will it?

And it all works to make me feel better along the way then!

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