Friday, October 17, 2014

Bloody Mess!

About two weeks ago here, one day I was all ready to go out on one of my delivery rounds with some Avon orders but I got side-tracked for a few minutes by a post on my Facebook and I sat down then to read it and probably to comment or at least to indicate that I had "liked" said post.

When I sat down, with my feet pulled under my computer chair, Fica -my little black kitten -decided she wanted to play with my ankles and in doing so, she wrapped her tiny paws around my ankle, with her face centered just under my shin bone (where it connects to the ankle) and then, started to nip at my ankle and dig her very sharp little claws into my skin. Then, quickly tiring apparently of that action, she decided she was going to snag a claw into my clam digger pants I was wearing and proceed from there then to climb up my leg. Well in the process of doing that, she ended up digging those little claws in just a bit too deeply for my liking and I reached down to grab her and pull her away from that game of hers.

I finished what I had set out to do with my Facebook and stood up to get ready to get my purse and other things and in doing that, I glanced down at the floor and to my surprise, actually shock would be a more accurate term, I saw there was blood streaming down my leg and little pools of blood all over the floor all from Fica's game of playing with my ankle and trying to climb up my leg!

I ended up in the bathroom, scrounging for some bandaids to cover the deepest of the scratches and that's when I realized that she had dug into a little cluster of veins right directly above my ankle and it was almost like she had hit the mother lode there with the amount of blood loss evident.

Heck, I even had to take that sandal off and scrub it down on the inside because it was just plain soaked in red!

All the cleanup on the floor, of my sandal and of trying to get the bleeding to cease and desist had me thinking I really wished I had a styptic pencil -like the kind you can get from pinaud at, ya know! But, since there's been no males living in this house who might have things like that stashed away in the medicine chest or other hiding places in the bathroom, I was left to my own devices which meant using bandaids that have cute little cartoon type characters on them because most of the time bandaids are needed here it's to soothe the ruffled feathers of one of the grandkids booboos!

I really did look the sight though after I finished doctoring my leg up and finally got the bleeding to subside!

Such a fashion statement, for sure!

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