Thursday, October 16, 2014

Just What I Really Need!!!

By the looks of things, I'm becoming somewhat of an eclectic surfer on the web here as I roam around, (surfing, ya know) and find various things of interest inadvertently in the process.

Don't ask me how I find these off the wall things because I get lost from time to time and have no clue what it was that took me hither, thither and yon sometimes on the 'net but it is fun and makes life a little interesting then, now and again.

My latest find though has me wondering why no one around these hills has come up with an idea like this though!

This is a multi-tasking thing that sounds like it should change from being the other woman in Raleigh to perhaps, the other woman in Cooper Township instead.

No,it's not something I personally would feel up to starting myself -not at this stage in my life at any rate -but I sure would love to have someone who would keep my house neat and tidy and also, who would keep me on top of things like paying my bills before they become overdue or reminding me of doctor appointments and other things along those lines that I do have a terrible time remembering.

Heck, I would forget my head some times if it weren't fastened on so you know someone to help keep me at least semi-organized would be a great thing to have.

Now, if I could just figure out a way to afford it, everything would be just hunky-dory, wouldn't it?

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