Wednesday, October 15, 2014

If I Could Just Locate Some Things!

Strange, isn't it sometimes, the thoughts that cross a person's mind.

Take this for an example of inflation or the cost of living or whatever you care to call it but how prices have changed.

My ex-husband and I got married in May of 1972 -42 years ago this past May, that would have been since that big, exciting day occurred. Okay -that was a bit of sarcasm there because we had a very small wedding, and also, extremely small reception too with probably only about 12-15 guests in attendance.

I never had an engagement ring but we did have a double-ring ceremony. However, our wedding bands were very plain -no engraving on the exterior and just had our initials and the date etched inside the rings.

They were, at that time, on sale for -if I remember correctly -around $30 for each ring! And that was bargain basement prices for those rings back then.

Today, rings that are virtually identical to these gold wedding rings would cost us around $400 for two rings! Wow!

Now I'm wishing I knew where in blazes I stashed those darned rings because I could sell them for a nice tidy little bit of profit then!

About the only way I could be able to say my marriage (other than having had my children) was a profitable venture but it only took 42 years to realize that!

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