Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Makes me say "Hmmmm!"

I just finished writing a post about my current dilemma of sorts with my health insurance plan and after I posted that, I came across a link that had some statements in it that gave me a bit of pause to stop and think.

The link is this one - www.allredinsurance.com and some of the things I noticed were items I wish I'd had available to me when I did purchase some other insurance policies I have had or currently do have now.

I noticed especially in the paragraph about Home Owners Insurance that yes, it covers basic needs, fire, theft and also water damage which had me thinking about policies of that type here and coverage for water damage. I'm wondering what types of water damage it covers. My policy now and any I've had in the past will cover for water damage but only certain types and as such, most won't cover water damage in an area where I think it would be most beneficial for homeowners and that is in the bathroom! Not just because of my recent issues here with the breaking of the commode and then two weeks after that, when the commode was plugged and overflowing but really because water on a bathroom floor around the tub or commode in particular can do a lot of damage and result in the expense of ripping the fixtures out and also the floor and putting a whole new floor in otherwise you might run the risk of someday going to use the commode and if the floor has been damaged, you could easily find yourself on a fast trip down through it and landing where you probably wouldn't want to be! That part of insurance coverage has always baffled me why companies don't or won't offer coverage for that kind of water damage, ya know!

I really liked a particular comment on the sideline for this company though about how insurance can be confusing and you really need someone to explain it all to you!

Yep, now that is a statement I definitely fully agree with!

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