Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Boy, Oh Boy! Here I am, trying to maintain a peaceful stance, live my life as stress free as possible and then, something happens that has potential to having me run astray from that peaceful stance and stress free stuff!

What could that possibly be? Kids? Nope, they've been pretty good about not riling me up. Grandkids? How could I ever blame them for doing anything even slightly bad! (LOL -that one's a bit of a farce but seeing as they don't live with me, I don't normally have to deal with any of their "bad" shenanigans.) Finances? Well, I've dealt with problems in that aspect of my life for way too many years now to let it really bring me down these days. Just worrisome at times but I have to make fun of that and it then does lighten things up a tad.

But what is bugging me right now and is presenting a bit of a problem going forward with my life has to do with the health insurance plan I have had with a certain very large insurance company in Pittsburgh and I've had this policy with them for at least about 9, maybe 10 years now with no major problems.

Until now!

About 10 days ago, I got a lovely notice in the mail telling me my health insurance policy will no longer be available to me after December 31st of this year!

What? Did I read that right? Yes, I did and yes, it upsets me a lot because now I have to go through researching all kinds of plans to find one that offers what coverage I had with this company for an affordable price. The key problem here is going to be finding something with an affordable price because I changed my policy last December to the current plan I have mainly because it offered me insurance that was supplemented by the state and the fee to me then was extremely low -like zero coming out of my pocket and it offered benefits very similar to the prior plan I had with that company.

I have a list of insurance companies that Social Security says operate in this state and that offer supplemental insurance. About the only insurance plan I haven't seen that is supposed to be available is coverage for nc healthcare and I would guess that's primarily because I live in Pennsylvania, not North Carolina!

What really irked me about this cancellation is the fact that about 3 or 4 days after I received the notice that my insurance was being cancelled was the advertisement I received then from that firm telling me how they offer HMO and PPO plans at affordable rates and requesting I check them out!

Hmmm. I'm thinking the right hand there must not be aware of what the left hand is doing when they send out a cancellation one day and 3 days later, send an nice announcement stating they have just the coverage I need!

So now, I'll be checking out the list of companies as provided to me by Social Security to see if I can line up something between now and January 1st so I don't have to rely solely on the darned Medicare plan only!

Wish me luck in this endeavor, will you please?

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