Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Little Music, Maybe?

My little Diva, Miss Maya, started taking lessons last year -learning to play the clarinet!

She had an older clarinet loaned to her from Jeff's Dad. (Jeff being Mandy's boyfriend, ya know.) And, last year, when she and Kurt would come up for a weekend, she would bring that instrument along and was supposed to practice on it here, just like she was supposed to do at home.

A couple of times, she did get it out and try to practice a little bit, but it wasn't all that much effort put into the practice time on those occasions.

This year, at school, she is again taking more clarinet lessons but this time, her Mom, I gather, decided she needed to purchase her own clarinet and so, with the aid of some type of easy payment plan, that's what's happening now with the clarinet and lessons are continuing as a result of that.

I just hope, what with the price of purchasing a new instrument, that Mandy is able to get her to practice on this daily and for a reasonable period of time too. I know, all too well, how easy it is to get frustrated with learning to play an instrument and if practice sessions become cumbersome or always too boring, the desire to learn this art can soon evaporate.

Go visit Musicians Friend for added information on anything and everything music related from instrument to music instruction. The powered speakers though -maybe that can wait awhile!



Jocelyn said...

Even if she isn't super diligent about practicing, the rewards will be huge; it's worth the price of the clarinet for her to have those musical pathways opened up in her brain, for her fingers to learn to move along with what she's reading, etc. YES!

Thank you, by the way, always and forever, for your comments on my blog.

Maria said...

I admire anyone who can play an instrument. My one and only attempt was piano when I was five. My Mother sent me to the town spinster, who taught piano and needed all the students she could get just to survive. She sent a note home with me that first day that said, "Maria is not musically inclined. Please do not send her back." THAT is how bad I was!