Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Not Trying To Rush The Season....

I found something tonight online that really is tugging away at my heart (and purse strings) too! I think it's okay to look at holiday things online this early on, isn't it?

I ask that because I am also a faithful supporter of my good friend and fellow blogger, Jim Sullivan (he writes Suldog and also, writes a lot of pieces too for the Boston newspapers.) But anyway, several years back now, Jim started a program he calls "Thanksgiving Comes First" in which he -and numerous other bloggers use the symbol he created for this event to call attention to the fact that Thanksgiving, in his book, often takes a backseat to Halloween and especially also to Christmas. It's Jim's theory too that it is grossly unfair that so many stores insist now on opening on Thanksgiving Day for pre-Black Friday Sales and thus, their employees then get cheated out of spending quality time away from work on Thanksgiving Day to enjoy a big delicious meal, football games galore as well as family and friends.

I mention this now because this site I discovered tonight -well, it's got all kinds of lovely Christmas things for sale and they are all different ornaments in one of my favorite type of things! I just don't want Jim to think I'm forgetting about the Thanksgiving Comes First pledge, you see!

Anyway, what it is consists of snowbabies -oodles and oodles of snowbabies and I dearly do love those things! Generally, the stuff I've seen in the card shops and other stores of this nature have been VERY pricey and well beyond my meager means. Though it still doesn't keep me from looking at them and drooling over them anyway!

But this site - with its department 56 snowbabies at Christmasplace - Oh my! It has such a huge selection of these sweet little snowbabies -ornaments, Christmas village items -you name it, they seem to have it there -and some even at prices that maybe I can actually spring for a couple of the specialty ornaments shown!

I'd really like to be able to get maybe one or two of the small ornaments, perhaps each year, for my tree but with the idea in mind that when I'm dust, they will then go to my grandchildren as mementos for their own trees down the road, sometime in the future, which in reality isn't all that darned far off now, ya know!

So, next comes the hard part though -of trying to decide which one or two ornaments I'd like to get this year and with which to start a collection of them of my own!

Wish me luck on making a wise choice there!

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