Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Validation Means What?

Ok, for several months now -ok, since mid-to-late July -I have been having problems centering around Google Reader.

Back when these woes began, on a nice Friday in mid-July, my reader stopped functioning. It happened the same day, around the same time that day too, that many people had their blog masterpieces tagged by Blogger as being that dreaded word -SPAM!

What caused the problems I had that day, have had since then too, who knows? I know I sure as the devil don't have a clue.

All I do know right now is that when I do a post, eventually it will show up in my reader. It is beginning to show up a bit faster now than it has been over the past six and a half months, but here's the kicker.

I think I have my problems with Reader solved because I can see that my blog is updating by looking at my reader. So, I assume then that world-wide -cause after all, this is on the internet and the internet is the wide, wonderful world, is it no?

But I would be wrong to think that. Because as I have found off and on over these past so many months that while my blog updates -but sometimes quite slowly -on my reader, on other readers it may update at the same snail's pace all the time, on some other readers, it may be hit and miss -updates one day, then goes several days and doesn't update. But the problem that really bugs me is that many of my readers have thought I quit blogging until they see I've commented on a mutual blogger friend's place and they come by and click into my blog -the old fashioned way -and voila, there it is, I've been posting all along since mid-July but it just has not been updating AT ALL on some people's readers.

Now I have on several occasions posted on various Google/BLogger forums, trying as best I know how -with my extremely limited vocabulary about things Google/blogger/html related -to explain my problems, to ask -no, to beg, for help and thank you so very much to Google/bloggers handy-dandy, no hired help on the help desk -meaning it is apparently a non-existing entity for many of us and as a result, no help has been forthcoming to correct this situation.

Well tonight I tried to do the feed validator thing. Keep in mind, as I stated above, I don't understand the jargon of Google/blogger/html language but I think if stuff were written in plain and simple English, I maybe could then figure something out.

Well, anyway, I tried this feed validator thing-a-ma-jiggy and this is the answer I received:


[Valid Atom 1.0] This is a valid Atom 1.0 feed.


This feed is valid, but interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendations.

  • line 1, column 912: Self reference doesn't match document location [help]

    ... /posts/default?redirect=false&v=2'/>^
  • line 1, column 1698: The prefix "app" generally is associated with the namespace "" (25 occurrences) [help]

    ... >2009-02-03T12:48:03.676-05:00^
  • line 1, column 0: content should not contain onblur attribute (22 occurrences) [help]

  • line 1, column 0: content should not contain object tag [help]

Now, can anyone reading this please explain what all this jibberish means?

To my uneducated brain, this all registers the same as text in an Economics 2 textbook, or a Statistics class or a political speech in which said politician is doing what he/she does best -talk out of both sides of his/her face at once!

To my knowledge, this is all part of the guts -or inner workings of my blog and I -because I have no clue what the hell anything there means, have never meddled with those sacred inner workings so how then did these things that they say should not be there, get there, then?

Anyone care to take a mad stab at this and give me step-by-step in plain and simple ENGLISH ONLY language instructions as to what to do to correct my problems?

If you tell me to type such and such in html or whatever language and you want me to then insert this in my blog, I need step-by-step instructions as to exactly WHERE in my blog to place this stuff.

No vague, subtle answers please cause that will cause me to go very unvague and unsubtle and you will then most likely see a post filled to the brim with lots and lots of words guaranteed to turn the air from coast to coast very, very blue!

Comprende vous?

Oh but sil vous plait -please, please, please, someone come out of the woodwork and help me with this.

I promise to remember you -whoever you might be -in my will. My kids would probably be so relieved that you helped me and it got me to stop bitching about this frigging reader and its problems that I'd be willing to bet they would even share equally with you the insurance money -after burial expenses -they will receive.

Sometimes, kids will do just about anything to get Mom to quit complaining -as long it is not something THEY have to do, ya know!

And just think too, if you do figure out a way to get this fixed, then think how many people can pick up my blog then on their readers and not be missing out on a single post of my very scintillating text I put forth here for your perusal!


Travis said...

I have no idea what any of that means. I can tell you that your blog is in my reader, but it never tells me when you have a new post.

That's why you may not see me comment for a few days...because I may have forgotten to check on you!

SnoopMurph said...

I have no clue either....and I have been rather slow at catching up on other blogger posts...but I know that it takes me awhile to figure out what Blogger is trying to tell me. Hopefully some of your readers will be more savvy and have some answers for you!

On your previous post, Connor is suffering serious meltdown when Tom drops him off at daycare in the mornings and this week at preschool has been tough because he is absolutely fixated on his precious Lightning McQueen and anything red. The teacher is trying to branch him out a bit, but he is resistant so far-inciting a few good meltdowns!

janeywan said...

Your showing up regularly in my reader with google. I think what ever the problem was is no longer a problem IMHO.
I'm not the greatest on commenting on a regular basis like most. I often get distracted while reading and then can't remember where I was, with having 10 windows open at one time. Yeah I'm ADD probably.

Vic Grace said...

Don't know what it means either

I know that your feed

Where I got that from I don't remember. I have tried all sorts of different feeds for your blog and this is the only one that works for me

It works with my Google Reader whereas the one that is the Blogger default

says it is invalid and also does not show that I am following your blog.

Sorry I can't help more