Thursday, February 05, 2009

Better Late?

Boy, talk about a surprise!

Tonight, I got an e-mail from a couple who are friends of my son. They were married a year ago this past October and she had sent me a couple pictures quite some time ago of their wedding but tonight, she sent me the whole collection in a Picasa web album.

This was really neat for Mandy and me to view because my son was an usher in their wedding.

Okay, okay, what's the big deal about being an usher in a friend's wedding, you ask?

Well, granted that's a fairly commonplace thing. I do realize that. However, in this particular wedding, the groom had all the men -his best man, all the ushers as well as his father and of course, the groom himself, dressed in kilts.

The photos the bride had sent previously were just of the bride and groom and this album had pictures of everyone in the wedding party.

So, just for the heck of it, I thought I'd give the world a look-see at how my son looks in a skirt.
Here's the groom and his men. That's my son -the tall, lanky one on the far right side.
And here he is, with one of the bridesmaids on his arm as they made their grand entrance.

Clate's friend is very proud of his Scottish heritage and the kilts the men wore were all of the clan plaid of his friend's family. I thought -as did my son -that this was a pretty neat way to show off his ethnic ties.

But, it also shows off a heck of a lot more too than does a tuxedo, don't you agree?

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