Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Autistic Adventures

Since I haven't posted anything in a couple of days, I thought tonight I'd show you a little more of Kurtis and Maya, if that's okay. Just some photos and little videos of them being their normal selves.

Saturday evening, after our visit to Pizza Hut, we had two really tuckered out kids by the time we got home. They got ready for bed and Maya decided she would lay down on the sofa with Daddy and in no time at all, she was out like the proverbial light. Kurtis, seeing her laying there decided he was not going to be outdone, believing Daddy's legs had to be a good place to crash and burn. So up he crawled and snuggled up there, with his beloved bear pillow to make Dad's bony legs a little softer landing spot. Mandy and I both thought this was such a cute picture of the three of them, two really relaxed -one was even snoring! At one point, even the cat tried to get in on this threesome action too. Unfortunately, by the time I grabbed the camera to get a shot of that, she mut have decided it was too crowded for her to join in this sleep fest and she hopped down. But it was really cute -as she was on Kurt's back and had begun to knead as cats do love to do. Wish I'd been fast enough on the draw to have clicked a shot of that!

Sunday night, apparently Kurtis wanted a single sleep event on Daddy's lap.
(Looks like it helped Daddy crash and burn too, doesn't it?)

Monday morning, Maya and Mommy had to make a special trip to State College. The reason? So Maya could go visit the dentist. (Did I mention she lost another tooth last week? Yep. She now has a big gaping hole in the bottom front of her mouth.)

Mandy took the camera along so she could get pics of Maya at the dentist. The main reason she did this was so that a friend of hers whose child is also autistic and who is scheduled for his first dental appointment in the near future but is a bit leery about this pending visit, was so Mandy and his mother can take these photos and put together a little picture book for him to help get him prepared for this big day in his life. Hopefully, seeing how well Maya did at her visit, it will make it much easier then for him. Pretty neat idea, don't you think? So follow along now as Maya goes to the dentist. Beginning with a visit to the lavatory to do a last minute brush-up job before actually getting in the chair and letting the dentist do her thing.

Getting calm and ready in the chair.

Clean a little here....

and a little there....

Checking for any cavities

Everything's going fine.

Gotta look at where those two teeth came out too.
Almost done.

Maya -all finished and looking every bit like a poster child for good dental care.

Even acquired a couple of stickers too for being such a brave and good little girl!

Well, after trying for almost an hour now to get the two little video clips of Kurtis to upload here, it looks like this post will have to be video free and I'll try again perhaps tomorrow to get them up and posted to my blog.

In the mean time, take Maya's advice and always brush your teeth -really good -and don't be afraid of the dentist because the dentist is your friend!

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