Sunday, February 08, 2009

Around The Bend

Boy, how time does fly!

It really amazes me when I stop, think and realize that next week -on Wednesday, the 11th, Mandy will be adding another year to her age. Just doesn't seem possible to me that she will be thirty three years old then.

It also doesn't seem possible to me than seven years ago, about this time, she and Bill were just beginning to look for wedding invitations.

Now, he really has to get busy and find her a nice gift for her birthday, as well as for next Saturday too -that really busy time for people celebrating romance, love, marriage -all that good stuff, huh?


Red said...

Time flys when it's good. I fixed the feedjit or whatever it's called.

Vic Grace said...

Know what you mean my middle son will be 29 in a few days and I remember him a babe in arms.

Pity you don't live on the other side of the States I could call in for coffee and a chat.

fermicat said...

Happy early birthday to Mandy!

terri said...

Kids do grow up way too fast, don't they? Happy Birthday to Mandy!

Dorothy L. said...

I tried to add this to the list of blogs that I follow but it would not let me. What am I doing wrong.

Debo Blue said...

Ummm, where's the other 3/4ths of this post?

Happy b-day to Mandy by the way.

Linda said...

Ah heck, you just had to go and mention the V-day, didn't you? I will be so glad when that holiday is over so I don't have to see the diamond commercials anymore and feel incredibly bad that no one loves me!

Perhaps I will drown myself in a big ole' box of 50% off chocolates after the big day is over!

SnoopMurph said...

Happy Birthday Mandy-I hope she will enjoy a very special week of feeling loved!

Mary said...


How time flies. Michelle's birthday was yesterday and she turned 40. Seems like yesterday. Drop by if you have time and see the photos. The babies were there.

Have a great week, my friend.