Saturday, February 07, 2009

Keep Dreamin'

For the most part, I lead a pretty simple life. I've had dreams -same as everyone -over the years. Some of them, I've even seen come true too.

I always wanted the basics -home, family education, career -who doesn't?

I have my house, three children -all grown now and two of them even have a family of their own as well. I have grandchildren -two grandsons and a granddaughter who range in age from almost 3 to the oldest who will be 12 come August. It took me a good while to acquire the means but eventually I was able to attend and even graduate from college. I ALWAYS wanted to do that but just never figured it would take me half a century to get that one to come true. While I have had jobs -a fairly good share over them over the years -I never really had what I would call a "career" though. Probably because by the time I finally got the requirements to pursue a career in the field of my choice, apparently I couldn't seem to convince a potential employer that I still had enough time left in me to succeed in my career choice. My fault there in that it took me longer -much longer -than I ever figured it would to acquire than coveted education and then, to get started on that illusion of an illustrious career.

But with what I have achieved, acquired, for the most part, I am content. Remember, I did say I lead what is basically a pretty simple life, didn't I?

However -and isn't there always a "however" to everything -there are two things I still dream about doing some day.

The first one being to travel. I've been to or through (whichever way might apply here) several of the large cities in the U.S.: New York, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The visits involving Los Angeles and Phoenix were compliments of my former employer back in the 60s.

I've been to the Atlantic shore -beaches in Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey for a weekend once in a blue moon. Most of that came about back in the 60s.

But there's so much of this country I have never seen -so vast is this great land that I wonder even if I'd had the financial means to travel across the U.S. over the years since I finished high school, would I really ever have been able to take it all in?

My traveling though is very limited with respect to the southeastern part of the U.S. and I have to confess -being a huge fan of Margaret Mitchell's book, "Gone With The Wind" that I have always wished I could visit Georgia and Atlanta, in particular. I am guessing it is that book that has instilled the desire to visit that city anyway. Although, I do have a cousin who now lives there and I think my ex-husband's sister lives near there too. Not too sure if my ex-sister-in-law would be all that happy to see me again though since I havn't seen her in well over 30 years now.

All of that is a moot point in this post. I came across a website a couple of days ago about a place in Atlanta that I think -were I ever able to manage a trip there -I'd love to at least see this place.

It's a condominium there -on Peachtree Drive (and haven't we ALL heard at sometime or other about "Peachtree Drive too). This place -the Sovereign Buckhead - if I were in a position to be looking for a high-rise condo, one that really does appear to offer it ALL -I would definitely be looking at this place, for sure. From an art gallery to fine dining to a rooftop pool overlooking Atlanta, it certainly is the epitome of Atlanta luxury real estate.

It's almost enough to make me think about putting Pennsylvania behind me, selling everything and then some and moving south.

But sad to say, to do that, I will also have to fulfill another dream I've had for a long, long time too.

Winning the biggest jackpot on the biggest lottery one could possibly play as I'd most certainly need funds like that to have a residence in a place as sumptous as this one is.

But the nice thing -for me anyway - is that I can always go to their website, look at all this place does have to offer and I can still dream then too, can't I?


Theresa said...

I thought myy parents having lived in Delaware for more than 30 years-could never be happy anywhere else, then they moved to NC to be close to my sister, and I thought they would never be happy anywhere else, then they moved to Flordia, without being close to family or friends and thought this was not going to work- but once again I can't see them living anywhere else. They followed their dreams and have enjoyed their retirement to the fullest- so I am a big believer in following one's dreams, because once you stop dreaming you begin settling and you miss out on so much.

I am also with you on the traveling and wanting to see more of our great country!

Travis said...

I want to travel too. There are a lot of places I can get to by personal vehicle or by train. I've got a good home base here in the pacific northwest to see a lot of great country.

I'll just have to make a list and start doing it!