Friday, February 06, 2009

Culinary Talents

I got up this a.m. a little after 8 a.m. My son-in-law was also up then as was the granddaughter -Miss Maya -who was five back in October. The son-in-law informed me that Miss Maya apparently had been up and at 'em for a while and that she had decided to try out her "cooking" abilities. Well, actually just her mixing abilities I guess since no actual "cooking" -no heat -was involved in this. But she had dressed herself -did a pretty decent job on that by putting on her Mr. Greenjeans-type coveralls and a long-sleeved knit shirt as well as a pair of heavy socks.

In the kitchen though -she had made herself a glass of chocolate milk. Ok, nothing wrong with that and she didn't make a big mess doing that either.

But the clincher -she had had -so she told her dad -a "Chocolate sandwich."

What's a chocolate sandwich, you ask. Well first you take a large clear glass casserole dish and into that you squirt some chocolate syrup. To that, you squeeze into the dish a couple blobs of Eucerin hand cream, mix, stir and spread this delectable mixture on a slice of bread.

Maya says it is quite tasty. Me -I'm not so sure. But then I didn't sample this so who am I to judge.

She didn't share the exact quantities with me -measuring isn't yet one of her strong points. But, if you try to make this yourself, here's what it looks like.

Now, isn't that just ever so yummy looking?

However, the next time this kid turns her nose up at substances I have spent a great deal of time preparing for the supper table, I think I will offer her a lovely chocolate sandwich instead!

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terri said...

Oh my gosh! Did she really eat it? What an imagination that kiddo has!