Friday, January 07, 2011

Surprise Birthday Presents...

I've mentioned before, I know, that sometimes I go on little binges of surfing the 'Net, just to see what ever might turn up. Well, dear daughter Mandy here, does a bit of that too -a lot more, actually than me, I might add.

Tonight, she was playing around on the computer and I have no clue what the heck she was surfing for but she came across this site and called me over to show me something that was available on the site.

The item that had caught her eye was an ad for a digital pocket video recorder ballpoint pen and above it were words with more information stating it was a 4GB Spy Pen. She was laughing as she showed this to me and said that maybe we might want to think about getting this for her nephew and my older grandson, Alex, who often is quite taken by spy stuff and thinks maybe he would like to be a big time detective in his adult, working life.

I got a big chuckle out of that idea too and told her we'd have to check on this and make sure it was the Best Buy possible though for an item of that nature. And we both could just picture him trying to be a super sleuth, secretly recording conversations and stuff like that.

Yep! Just what the boy needs for sure! One more thing to use to drive his mother a bit crazier than she already is!

Yeah, I'm loving that idea, for sure!


TechnoBabe said...

Hi Jeni, that sounds like a really fun thing for your grandson. Everyone in their house will learn to be discreet around him though. Ha.

Anonymous said...

You have just reminded me of an item Amy put on her Christmas list. It was something similar but she didn't get it. I think she must have forgotten about it now as she hasn't mentioned it.

CJ xx

terri said...

That sure sounds like something a boy of any age would love! I know my boys would!