Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heck of a Performance!

Yesterday (and by yesterday, I mean Friday -cause to me, it's still Saturday even though technically, by the time on the clock, it is now Sunday but it doesn't become a new day to me until after I have gone to bed and get up and it is the next day, ya know) Maya was all excited because she was going to go to her new friend's house about 4 doors down the street from our place.

And not only was she going there Friday afternoon but she was going to spend the night there too!

Yes, she was really excited over this deal, that was for sure.

But, when she came home today, I watched her coming down the sidewalk, toting her pillow pet and her backpack with her jammies in there, and I could see the expression on her face changing from a sweet little smile to a frown and I knew we were in for a meltdown when she got into the house.

And boy, was I ever right!

Such a performance she gave with the weepies and tears and wailing and moaning.

Too bad we couldn't have sold tickets and had theater seats available for folks to see this action!

I know she's having a rough time right now, trying to make friends -which is something that is difficult for her to do because she doesn't yet have the social skills necessary that would put her on that level just yet. She's trying, but it's something that is difficult for her at this time.

We're glad that she does have the friendship with the little girl down the street but, at the same time, everytime she has been there, when she comes home, she goes into a weepy scene here about wanting to be able to do all the same things that little girl does and is involved in but which Maya couldn't do this year due initially to the work hours Mandy had until her job ended last month.

I told Mandy tonight that we're going to have to talk to Maya and tell her perhaps she won't be able to keep going to this little friend's house if everytime she does go there, she comes home crying and then, arguing with Mandy about why she isn't in the baton twirling class or dance class and Lord knows, every other type organization she can think of too!

I have no idea if a threat like that would work with her, but sheesh, we're gonna have to come up with something to stop all these tears and meltdowns!

Any suggestions? Feel free to pass them on here!


terri said...

Poor Maya. I know it's so hard for kids to understand why some kids seem to have and do everything they want and why they themselves can't always have the same. I would guess that part of her meltdown is due to being overtired. My kids were always in meltdown mode after a sleepover.

... Paige said...

I wish I had something for ya, but I don't.

It's so hard being different

Lori said...

I would say it has a lot to do with being over tired as she most likely doesn't get a lot of sleep when she is there...too busy having fun I'm only thing I can think of is having her lay down and have some quiet time after getting back home and then talking to her about these things. Reality is that kids will see what others have and be jealous and want it too...they lack the maturity to see the big picture and to handle the emotions along with being over tired. Maybe talking to her and explaining that from now on that when she comes home she needs to have quiet time and that if her melt downs continue to happen that she won't be able to go to this friends house for over night.

Good luck with this!

Maggie May said...

Maybe try saying that. It might work.
Maybe tell her that different families do different things and that if we were all the same it would be boring.
My two granddaughters are having to tighten their belts because their dad is off sick.
I don't think it hurts that they can't have everything and they are still very lucky. I know they don't have quite the same problems as Maya though.

Maggie X

Nuts in May