Monday, January 24, 2011

Making the Best of Things!

Winter has definitely struck here in central Pennsylvania and with the temperatures being what they were today -very much sub-zero stuff -Mother Nature is here with revenge apparently on her mind!

We've been relatively lucky this winter so far with respect to the snowfall. We've had several inches deposited here but thus far, no really, really back-breaking accumulations to clear out. Better knock on wood there, huh, since we still have a good two months left for that possibility to occur -or worse yet, get hit with a full-fledged blizzard!

One nice thing this winter though is that Mandy's good friend, Ken, has an ATV that he can bring here and at least, plow our parking area out for us. I just hope that it holds up okay for him -no breakdowns, ya know -or he'll then maybe be needing to shop around for some ATV Parts or a mechanic to make the repairs!

Sure do hope nothing like that ever happens cause I know for sure my back wouldn't hold up very long if I had to go out and start shoveling us out!

Right now, I'm trying to coax Mandy into taking the two containers of garbage I have sitting on the counter down to the back yard, to the bank behind our old burn pile and dump this stuff (coffee grounds, leftover food scraps and such) into the compost pile I had Clate start building over a week ago there.

Ken had suggested that we take our food scraps and such and dump them on my gardening area to enrich the soil there. I decided it would be better to build our own compost pile and then, shovel that stuff, come spring, onto the garden to help fertilize the ground. My logic there was that then we would also have stuff we could spread around a bit on the so-called flower beds in front and along the side of the house too.

Which is the better way to deal with these substances anyway? Build your own compost pile or just dump the stuff directly onto the garden area anyway? Obviously, if you've read my blog for any length of time, you know gardening and horticulture and that stuff is way out of my league but I know several of you -my blogger friends -are good, really, really good, at making things grow like crazy and I just thought maybe you had some input for me on this topic today!

Let me know, will ya please? Inquiring minds want to know and this time, it's not Maya asking the questions!

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