Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poor Princess!

I don't know what's wrong with our little princess here but over the past 24 hours, she's definitely had some issues!

Last evening, she ate supper with no problems and afterward, seemed fine and dandy. Full of spunk anyway. But she went to bed with no problems, no arguments, nothing along those lines.

Kate -her half-sister -was here last evening and was going to go up to Maya's room to lie down and upon learning that news, Maya decided she wasn't sleeping with Gram last night but was switching bed partners then to sleep with Katie! Okay, so it looked like I would have my bed to myself for a change and no one around then to have the sheets all nice and cozy warm when I decided to turn in.

After that, I had a couple of surprises though.

Around 1 a.m., the phone rang and it was Katie's boyfriend calling who was also somewhat surprised to learn that Katie was in bed, sleeping. Shortly after his phone call, here comes Katie down stairs and she proceeded to head to the kitchen, fixed herself a little something to eat then, after which she parked on the sofa to watch tv with me.

About 2 a.m., a vehicle pulled up out front and lo and behold, it was Simon, Kate's boyfriend, who had come to take her to where they live over in Clearfield! I was really surprised that he drove over here then because the roads were really atrocious -what with the snowfall we had yesterday and such. But he did and away they went!

Then somewhere between 3 and 4 a.m., I heard someone coming down the stairs and heard the footsteps stop about mid-way down too.

Then I heard an pretty unmistakable sound -that of someone throwing up! Hmmm. Wonder who that might be, ya know. I listened some more, heard the footsteps again and walked over to the stair well to greet the middle-of-the-night-walker only to find Maya standing there and the stairs -well, pretty wet, to say the least.

She headed towards the kitchen saying she just needed to get a drink of cold water and made it as far as the dividing part between the living room and dining room, when she got sick again!

She got herself that drink of water and I put my hand to her forehead -to check if she was maybe running a fever (she wasn't, as her forehead was actually very cold to the touch).

But boy, was she ever pale! Almost the death-white coloring, if you know what I mean! Just no color, no pinkness whatsoever to her face, her cheeks!

So, she settled in on the sofa and I got the scrub bucket out to clean up the mess between the living room and dining room and on the stairs. Apparently my rumbling around, banging the bucket and the mop a bit I guess, was enough to rouse Mandy who then came downstairs too and checked on Maya.

Rather than have her go back upstairs, we told her to just lay down on the sofa in case her stomach started to rebel again as it would be much easier for her then to try to get to the bathroom from the living room instead of having to maneuver back down the stairs from her bedroom. So, she curled up under a couple of fleece blankets then, got comfortable and Mandy went back to bed.

I was going to get up and go to my room to go to bed then too but Maya then started to whimper a bit that if I did that, she would be all alone then in the living room. She didn't want to go out to my room, opting to stay on the sofa, so I had no choice then but to push the recliner back and lay back to sleep in the recliner.

But, before either Maya and I had a chance to get any snooze time in, she decided to go into one of her interrogator routines and began to question me about what had happened to me when I got sick last spring and ended up in the emergency room at our local hospital where it was then decided to ship me out of there, by ambulance, down to the hospital in Pittsburgh because they thought maybe I had an obstruction of some kind in my intestine.

Seems Maya remembered some of the details about that episode but wanted more -and more -and then, some more, information about that whole deal too! I don't know if she was trying to compare her stomach upset last night to what happened to me or if she is using that information to file it away in her mind, should she ever need more comparatives some day in the future, if/when she decides to study medicine! Who knows, with this kid!

School was on a two-hour delay this morning but I had suggested to Maya during her inquisition of me (when I got a break in her questions for a minute or two) that perhaps she shouldn't go to school today just in case she got sick to her tummy yet again and after all, you sure as heck wouldn't want that to happen, to come on so suddenly on you in school, in front of your teacher and classmates and friends, now would you?

She gave me no response to that suggestion but when Mandy got up later this morning and broached that idea to her too, she was adamant about going to school! She HAD to go there and that was all there was to it too!

Apparently all must have gone okay because the school didn't call to tell us to come get her but when she did get home, it was evident she was a bit under the weather but this time, it was because she was very warm to the touch! Mandy checked her temperature and said she did have a fever then and Maya by that time, had disappeared upstairs, to her room.

A few minutes later, Mandy went up to check on her and she was already sound asleep on her bed!

She slept for a little over two hours then, still had a low-grade temp when she woke up so Mandy had to make a run this evening then into town to get some children's meds to bring the fever back down to normal.

So who knows what the heck caused this mystery ailment that came on so suddenly for her, changed courses too throughout the day and now, seems to be on its way out. At least I hope it is anyway.

I hate seeing my little princess feeling so punk, ya know.

And I really don't want to spend another late, late night under her gun of non-stop questions either!


Lori said...

I hope your sweet Maya is feeling better soon...nothing like cleaning up puke in the middle of the night...done that a time or two or you get a full nights sleep! XX

terri said...

Poor little thing! I suppose it's just another one of the viruses that is constantly being swapped around over the winter. Hope she's feeling better now.