Friday, January 07, 2011

Questions -and Some Answers...

Sometimes, the things that crop up here can lead to discussion and then a blog post too that seems a bit strange in the long run.

Take tonight for example.

I noticed this item laying on my big table by my recliner. Picking it up -it was striped paper made from the card stock stuff and obviously, was something Maya had found (that her mother probably though she had hidden away for safe keeping -HAH, fat chance of that ever happening here, with Maya, ya know). Anyway, the inside of this folded card had been blank but Maya had printed a message there that I am assuming was meant to be an invitation of some sort to one of her little school friends.

The left half of the card reads like this: "C Love You Cenchril" and the right half says this, "Jessica Easter at fun." Now whatever in blazes all this translates to, I have nary a clue but Miss Maya must be planning something or other -perhaps around Easter, apparently.

So anyway, this led to a discussion of invitations and such and Mandy mentioned about one of the kids therapists who is currently on maternity leave, having just had her first child almost a month ago and Mandy said she had best look up the place where she got the 1st birthday invitations that she had purchased and sent out when she planned Maya's first birthday party.

Hearing that, I was a bit confused so I had her explain and she said that she had got these invitations -geared for a child's first birthday -and in which you also placed a photo of the birthday child too -invitations that she had sent out then and which were really cute.

Now, how the heck did it happen that I knew nothing whatsoever about her having ordered special invitation cards like that for the Diva's first birthday party?

I dunno -but after looking at this website -and I know since it is now on Mandy's mind -that she will be telling the therapist about this place and raving about how cute the invitations were and all that stuff.

Heck, she so hepped up over this now that maybe she should try to go to work for this company as a sale rep for them.

That would cure her unemployment blues, anyway -at least for a little while, wouldn't it?

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