Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Going Down!

As you all know, I was on a quest (okay, doctor's orders) since December a year ago, to try to drop a few pounds and to watch my intake of carbs, sugars and such too. My doctor had recommended that I try to do something in the way of exercise to achieve any weight loss goals and back then, I did that simply by walking our dog, Sammy, from December through the end of July.

I didn't really do any dieting per se, other than trying to avoid snack foods and sweets as well as not taking big helpings or second helpings particularly of the pasta stuff I dearly do love.

And, it did help me a bit with the weight loss as before I had the surgery the end of July, I had then lost about 15 pounds. Not near enough to be honest but at least, I had lost a little bit of weight.

After the surgery from which I learned I had cancer again and then had to embark on a chemotherapy treatment program from September through December, I lost some more weight.

Some of this weight loss I assumed came from the inability to eat properly because the chemo had left its imprint on my mouth -my tongue and throat in particular -making eating very difficult and painful! Not the best way to lose weight, I'll give you that, but heck, it was some more ugly pounds gone down the drain at any rate.

Now, my mouth is slowly recuperating and is fairly close to being back to normal but still not quite there. But I find that my appetite isn't quite as big as it used to be!

And, as a result, I have continued to lose weight and as such, have now dropped down a total of 38 pounds in the past year!

What I'd really like to know though is what is it that has now in my diet that is working -apparently - as some kind of fat burners?

Since I haven't resumed my walking with Sammy -only have done that maybe 10 times tops since the surgery -it can't be the exercise program at work. I still cook and eat my beloved pastas too although I have kept the intake there a lot lower than before. And this year, over the holidays, I even baked some cookies and goodies -unlike last year when I made none of those things for the holidays at all! (Heck, I've even cheated and had candies on several occasions during the past couple of weeks too!)

I am checking my blood sugar fairly regularly -meaning mostly when I remember to do that in the morning and then again, around supper time but it definitely isn't being done on a regular schedule type basis. (Which is probably what they would want of me, I suppose.)

But whatever is going on within my system, I'll tell you this much, I'm not opposed to the response my body is giving all this!

Maybe I have found my own magic potion now for weight loss and just can't identify it!


Lori said...

Good for you! I hope this keeps up for you and that your health continues to get better!!! XX

TechnoBabe said...

It's about time for you to have some good things in your life. I am glad for you that you are enjoying the food you like and at the same time are continuing to lose weight. Hugs to you, Jeni.