Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heat Wave!!!

Heat wave. We're having a heat wave, that's for sure.

Well, at least compared to yesterday, it is a bonafide heat wave in my book. I saw on this morning's news (Today show weather) that the temperature in Clearfield this morning was 35 degrees higher than it was yesterday. Well, considering I don't know what the temps were yesterday in Clearfield, but I do know my cousin said it was -8 at her house in Morrisdale -which is 8 miles from my place and a young fellow here in town said yesterday that at 10 a.m., it was still -5 at his house up on the hill from my place, I know it was down in the sub-zero marks all over the place yesterday. I did hear yesterday of some places recording lows too of -20 in and around this region, so even if it may have been as low a -20 say, yesterday, in Clearfield, then today would have been a nice 15 degrees above zero. So no matter how low it was yesterday wherever anyone is here in central Pennsylvania, today's temps are warm -darned near balmy all things considered!

Yay, yay, yay on the warmth! Wish it would stay this way from now until spring arrives in March but I know, we've still got to get through the rest of this month and February with its sometimes brutal cold, snowy weather too.

This morning, my son called and asked if someone could meet him at the Truckstop in Kylertown to pick him up and bring him down here to the house so he could get himself a nice hot shower! So Mandy's friend Ken ventured up to pick up Sonny Boy and brought him down and yes, he got a nice hot shower and smelled oh so much better then. At least this way too, if he's out on the road another two days, he won't be quite as black as a chimney sweep when he does get home again -like he was last week! So, before he left he had a bit of left-over pizza -should have made himself some sandwiches too before he left but since I didn't remind him of doing that, odds are he forgot completely about tomorrow and that he might be hungry then!

After he left, I got the dishes washed and the kitchen floor mopped too. Been a good little while since the floor got a mopping so it definitely needed that treatment, for sure!

Then, I had decided too -with a suggestion (rather pointed too I might add) from Mandy that since it is warmer out today that I take "Sir Muttley" -aka Sammy the dog -out for a walk. I timed it so that as soon as I had the floor mopped up, I got my walking shoes and coat on and hooked Sammy up to the leash and away we went!

Keep in mind that I have been very, very lax in my walking routine since last August when I was recuperating from the surgery. I'm thinking I have probably only walked Sammy oh, maybe 5, possibly 10 times since the end of July. Ten is really a stretch and I doubt I was really near that mark, but well, anything is possible since I can't keep track of what I've done and when I've done this, that and some other things in the past week much less what all I've managed to do over the past almost six months now. Lucky for Sam that Ken really likes him and also, that he seems to enjoy taking Sam for walks almost daily too!

I have a few other things I'm mulling over in my mind today that I'm planning -or hoping anyway -to write about but haven't gotten the gist of what I want to say worked out in my mind as yet. One of those things pertains to Oprah and her big announcement yesterday about meeting her half-sister who she knew absolutely nothing about until this past fall. Just wondering if anyone else watched her show yesterday and what your reactions may have been to that broadcast.

There are things about that story that really hit home with me and I suppose only those folks who know me really, really well -family, a few friends -might have an idea as to what that might be. I'm not adverse to talking about that stuff but just not right now as there are things about my life that I do have to take care how much I say and how I say it lest I upset some applecarts along the way that I really don't want to get a lot of stuff riled up there.

But somewhere, in the future, I'll have to write about this because of the impact Oprah's show did have on me. Just have to think it through thoroughly, ya know!

And now -time for me to return to my recliner and embroidery.

That fresh air, the walk with the dog (we strolled down to the little bridge -the first one as you enter Peale, the ghost town down the road) really refreshed me, inside and out, I do believe!


Suldog said...

Oh, Jeni, please see if you can have some of that 'warm' weather shipped up here, would you please? We have boatloads of snow still on the ground and have been told to expect another 10 or 12 inches tomorrow. I have no idea where we'll put it - literally. All available spaces near our house are filled from the shoveling the past two weeks.

Lori said...

I totally relate to it feeling like a heart wave...we have had days of sub zero temps and now it's warmed up so anytime its above 0 it feels like a heat wave.

I didn't hear anything about the Oprah show and hadn't heard anything about her having a half sister. Haven't watched much tv the last few days so I am behind on the news. Whatever it is that you are feeling because of the show, writing is therapudic so maybe when the time is right you will be able to write about it.

Enjoy your heat wave!

Suzanne Lieurance said...


Mopping the floor and walking the dog - those are two activities that I love to do when I'm working on a book.

Yeah, I know. What do they have to do with writing? As it turns out, alot. They are both mindless tasks that let me noodle over my story ideas. Sounds like that works for you, too.

I heard that Oprah just found out about her half sister but I didn't see the show. Sounds like inspiration for a novel though - "What would happen if your main character suddenly got news that rocked her to her core?" Good place to start a story.

Happy writing! I can't wait till it warms up here, the snow melts, and I can walk the dogs again. Until then, I guess I'll just mop the floor to get my writing going in the right direction.:)

Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer's Coach

Travis Cody said...

We actually had a bit of sunshine today. It's been raining just about every day for the past week, so this has been a nice change.

Enjoy whatever warmth you get. There's still a way to go until spring.