Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh, The Questions!

Actually, I probably should have titled this post "ARRGH, The Questions!"

I know I've made mention -a lot -lately about Maya and her incessant questions but let me tell you this, when she gets on a roll with them, it is really difficult to cope with at times and also, sometimes really hard to come up with some reasonable answers for her too.

I will be the first to admit that at times, I kind of relish giving her answers that are more along the smart alec quips I'm often inclined to give to my kids or other adults around me. I probably shouldn't do that to Maya or Kurt but sometimes, the temptation is just too great.

The thing is that sometimes with Maya she will shift gears on you in mid-stream with her questions and that tends to throw me for a bit of a loop.

Last night, she was on a question-asking roll -big time! Thanks to that bottle of Dr. Pepper she had last night, I was blessed with an addition 2-3 hours of her interrogations.

I don't recall now what all she was asking about -way too many things to keep track of each and every inquiry -but I do recall that at one point, she asked me "What do you do with your camera, Gram?"

Now this one came totally out of the blue -no connection to any thing else she had earlier been asking about -and it kind of shocked me because she KNOWS what I do with my camera. Or so I thought, anyway.

Her mother and I both have digital cameras and we both use them -a lot too! And Maya especially is often the focal point for our cameras, so it's not some new object she's never been exposed to before.

So why this question then?

I did give her an answer and one I felt was accurate and honest and not a put on answer to hush her up -which is what I probably most wanted to do at that point in time.

I told her I use my camera to take pictures of her and her brother, as well as other things that interest me, catch my eye at times, and events I want to be able to remember in years to come and then, with those photos, I can do that. Same thing too with the videos Mandy and I sometimes remember to grab the cameras and shoot too of the kids doing things you think at the time you will never forget but yet, after years of experience now in trying to recall what happened with my own kids, their reactions to things, even -or especially -how their voices sounded too at this or that age or stage of their lives - are lost forever unless one has the foresight to grab the camera, hit the video button, point and shoot.

And as Maya and Kurt grow up, I'm quite sure that sometime down the line, years from now, they'll appreciate having all these pictures as well as the videos that Mandy and I have taken of them along their way in life.

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