Sunday, January 16, 2011


A whole lot of things been going on around the old house the past couple of days. But, they are all good things so I'm not here to grump and grumble tonight.

Well, maybe I am but just about one thing.

Mandy decided early this past week that she wanted to make some changes here to the way the house looks -on the inside -but the only thing she could do that she figured would be affordable was to do some painting.

And granted, the downstairs really was in need of a re-do in that respect so she started checking on paint prices and colors and then came and asked me if maybe I might be able to cover the cost of the paint -since she is pretty much broke at the moment, since she recently lost her job.

Well, I got the prices from her and determined then that yes, I could deal with the paint costs so off she and Ken went to get some paint and then, repaint the hallway as well as the living room walls and ceiling, the dining room ceiling and even then, the kitchen ceiling too!

And boy, just the ceilings alone being repainted really spruced the old place up a good bit.

They got the hallway done Thursday. Friday, they worked and got the living room and dining room ceilings done and Saturday morning, they were up and at 'em working on the kitchen ceiling so those areas are completed in that respect now.

They got one coat on the wall behind the computer and my organ and that is still going to need a bit more of a touch-up and then, they will work on doing the other living room walls, probably tomorrow now. (By tomorrow, I really should say "Today" because I mean Sunday but to me, it isn't "today" until after I go to bed and wake up.)

The dining room and kitchen are both white paneling and I do believe I'd just as soon leave that alone cause I like the color white in both those rooms.

So, by now you're probably saying Okay, since all this paint stuff is making you happy, what's the bit you warned about that is a bit of a grump and grumble then anyway?

Well, it's something that I think would be a really simple but very effective addition to my kitchen and it's called more lighting!

We have a ceiling light in the center of the kitchen and also, a light over the sink area and they both are nice -give off a good amount of light. But, for my part, I really would like some additional lighting under the counter to the right of the sink and stove -where I normally work when I am cooking and baking, ya know!

And I know this can be corrected too and quite easily by just getting a florescent light that can easily be placed under the corner cupboard and which would then give just a nice amount of light on that surface area that I use the most.

I used to have a light fixture there like this and now, I don't remember what happened to it, why it was removed. But whatever, I want a light placed there and I want it put in there really soon too!

Maybe I should look around other areas in the house that would be conducive to some easy-to-install changes in lighting that would really help in lots and lots of way!

I'm gonna have to say something about this idea this morning now to Mandy -before they get all wrapped up in painting today and maybe they will take pity of me and my old eyes and run out then and pick up a nice little (or a slightly bigger one would be great) florescent light set up just for me!


Linda said...

Isn't it amazing what just a new coat of paint can do to brighten a place up? I bet if you got some new lighting it would really make the place pop, too, but that tends to cost more than paint (though paint ain't cheap by any stretch of the imagination!)

I'd love to put a new coat of paint in the dining room here but there are three windows and four doorways and crownmoulding and gads, I don't want to tackle all that! Ambition is not exactly my middle name these days!

Lori said...

A fresh coat of paint does nice that they are doing this...I am sure they will put up a new light for you in the kitchen...I know that I like lots of good light when I am cooking too. Happy Sunday and happy painting to your painters!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Oh, the joy of re-doing the home. Love it. We've not done anything at our walls since we moved in here, due to the fact that we're not sure if we'll stay here, but we do have changed furniture, paintings & other decorations and finally we got it the way we want it.

Yes, lights in the kitchen is really useful when cooking, so I do understand you very well there. We've had some problem with that too before.

Maggie May said...

Yes, I lick of paint does wonders. I have 2 rooms in desperate need but I'm not up to doing it. Painters & decorators are so expensive these days.
Glad your daughter & husband are so into doing the decorating at your place.
As for lighting. Ours is sadly lacking & older eyes have to be near to the window or a light. I don't like the flickering of fluorescent though.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

terri said...

Yep, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. I seem to remember we needed a fresh coat of paint more often when there were little ones running around the house.

As for under-cabinet lighting, we added some of that last year when Mark remodeled the kitchen and it IS a luxury I've very much appreciated. I know Lowes and Home Depot have some pretty inexpensive options, so maybe you can get some soon.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Paint does go a long way in sprucing up a place.

fermicat said...

Catching up on three weeks' worth of friends blogs, and this post struck me because it is so in synch with what I've been trying to do since the 1st. A new look is a great start to the year!