Saturday, January 29, 2011

Green, Green!

A long time ago -I think way back when I was a kid, maybe -there was this song I remember a little of that went "It's green, green, green they say, on the far side of the hill" and well, that's about all of the lines I recall but the melody is now still rolling around in my head. Probably gonna turn into a damned earworm and will keep me from falling asleep in a little while, I suppose.

Don't you just hate when that happens though?

But I was thinking earlier this evening -saw something on the news that I was only half paying attention to (a bad habit I have there) where President Obama wants us all to pay a whole lot more attention to the green. He's referring though to sustainable energy sources, things like that.

I'm wondering here if green cleaning products fall into that category. Anyone have an answer to that?

Personally, right about now the only thing that is green that I tend to worry or think about is that paper stuff the U.S. Treasury department prints out and I keep wishing somewhere, somehow, someone would dump a bag or two, heck why not three for good measure, on my deck here or somewhere else within range of my opening the front or back door, reaching out and just dragging it in!

Actually, in all seriousness, I do see where trying to do things, use products that are better for the environment, however, thus far, it has been my experience that those items generally tend to cost a whole lot more than the regular stuff does.

So, based on my own renewable resources (a check once a month ya know) and the sustainable energy that provides, it may be a while yet before I can actually afford to go green, green, much as I might like to try to do that.

Gotta keep my head above water too ya know!

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Lori said...

I hear ya...often times those green products cost a lot more and while I have bought them on occasion, I now no longer do. Instead I make all my cleaners out of stuff that is inexpensive and not bad for the environment...I use super washing soda, borax, lemon and vinegar for the most part. I will throw in some drop of essential oils for the good smell. I have saved so much money since I started doing this. Basically I used what I had up and then was forced to do it. :) They work good and smell much better and I know it's better for us!