Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wrap-up on the Week!

It's been another of those weeks -busy! Birthdays, funerals, church committee meeting -and walks with Sammy have kept me moving outside the house, as well as inside in addition, of course, to the current embroidery project. Always something in the works in the needlecraft department or so it seems.

Monday was the day-early celebration of Kurt's fourth birthday -as I wrote about on my previous post.

Tuesday was working at the church to serve a funeral dinner for the family of a 91-year-old lady, who had been a member of our church.

Wednesday I was out to church again for a meeting of the Social Ministry Committee, of which I am now the Chair Person. My first meeting in that position and it was more just a review of stuff and trying to learn more about what all our group is supposed to attend to and what my specific responsibilities would be in that context then.

Today, we are supposed to go to Bellefonte for some kind of band concert there in which my older grandson -"the Prince" (Sir Alex) is participating. Should be interesting as the last band concert of his we attended was I think two years ago and the kids did a great job that year. (Alex plays the trumpet and has done quite well learning that instrument. Makes his old Gram very proud and I'm quite sure our Aunt Mike is looking down on him with even more pleasure and admiration than ever before too. She had a huge soft spot in her heart for him -and he, for her as well. Not too many kids can say they knew their Great-Great-Aunt as well as he knew her.)

The embroidery project this week is another tabletopper -which to answer a question someone asked me earlier this week simply means it is a small tablecloth, squared in size, usually between 31 by 31 inches up to as large as 36 by 36 inches. (For the center of a table, or a card table or use on a round bed table or living room decor.) This one is called "Proud Rooster" and it consists of a rooster, embroidered very colorfully, in each corner, done in cross stitching. It also has a matching table runner in the set which shouldn't take all that long to do that up too. This set, along with another tabletopper of small cross stitched flowers are all for my cousin, Ruth Ann, down in Austin, Texas. I'm looking forward to completing this and getting it shipped off to her as she's waiting there, patiently, for me to complete them.

Just got a phone call too that I have to be at church this coming Tuesday afternoon for a meeting with the WELCA (Women's group) for us to have a "work party" -meaning cleaning the social hall and to get things lined up, ready to go for the Spring Garden Party our group is sponsoring. Anyone in the vicinity of Lanse, Pennsylvania on May 1st, stop by our church between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. for a really nice luncheon and a chance to select from various plants and other gardening items we will have on sale there. This event, along with the Fall Bazaar we have the first Saturday in November are the two big fund raisers of our organization and the monies raised from them are then used to provide various things around the church throughout the year. All in all, a darned good benefit event in all respects -good food, lots of fellowship time with old friends, a way to make and meet some new friends and a lot of fun too!

The latest little humor event involving the kids was last evening and involved Kurtis.

Maya had requested that I fix tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches -a very simple meal -for us for supper. The key word there being "simple" and it filled the bill fine and dandy for me. When I served the kids their food, Maya dug in immediately and did quite well in polishing off her sandwich as well as her soup. When she was finished, she put her dirty dishes then in the sink for me.

Kurtis, on the other hand, proceeded to pull his sandwich apart and then, using his index finger, sort of tried to lick off most of the melted cheese from each part of the bread. Once he got as much of the cheese eaten away like that, he then tried to dunk the bread into his soup a couple of times. Then he decided he was finished and left the table. A few minutes later, I went out to the dining room and kitchen to get a damp rag to wipe the sloppage from the soup and bread crumbs from the table but his plate and soup bowl were not there on the table. I checked the sink and saw he had put his plate in the sink but there was no trace of the soup bowl to be found anywhere. I hunted high and low for it but to no avail -even checking the garbage can for it as he has been known on occasion to put his dirty silverware as well as sometimes even dirty dishes in the can but no trace of it there either.

When the son-in-law came home and was going to fix himself a grilled tuna and cheese sandwich to accompany a bowl of the soup, I mentioned to him to keep an eye out for the missing bowl too. And about that time, I opened the drawer in the cupboard where I keep the kids silverware as well as their small bowls for various things and what was there? Why it was the missing soup bowl! Not clean, of course, as it still had a lot of traces in it of the tomato soup but instead of putting the bowl in the sink or at least on the counter by the sink, it's become his habit now to put dirty dishes he's used back in the drawer where I store the clean ones!

Well, at least I will know ahead of time now if a dish or bowl goes missing that he has been using to save myself some time and energy -and not get all antsy hunting for things -by just looking in that drawer first!

And that's what's been keeping me moving here for the past week, what will be on my agenda too for the coming week.

Now, what's new in your world these days too?


Jocelyn said...

I can imagine absent-mindedly putting a bowl into a drawer--thinking it's the dishwasher or sink. All of us, at all ages, have such foibles, eh?

I think you should get a booth at a local festival and sell the wares that have resulted from your talents, btw.

terri said...

That is such a cute thing that Kurtis did! Clearly he's trying to be a big boy and take on some responsibility. He just hasn't quite figured out the appropriate timing on when his dishes get put in the drawer and when they go in the sink.