Thursday, April 01, 2010

Just Joking Around

How many of you got pranked today in honor of the big holiday -April Fool's Day? How many of you pulled off a great April Fool's Day joke on someone?

I used to try to figure out things to do for April Fool's Day stunts and such, but for some reason or other -maybe I was just finally reaching maturity or something like that -I've had no impetus whatsoever for probably about 10 years -at least -to do anything like that.

So if I tell you here that I'm looking into Relacore you're liable to think I'm going back to my second childhood or something. But really, I'm not.

Although, there is a part of me that sometimes does long for the days when my friends -co-workers, mainly -and I used to labor long and hard to figure out a great plan to put into play to prank someone on April Fool's Day.

Today though -I think I'll walk Sammy! And that's no joke either!


Carol said...

Hi Jeni!Hey...I think if you want to try Relacore.....God Bless You!! As long as you do it with your dr's blessing. After all: God helped someone create it, right??

Thank you for your sweet post on my blog. I haven't been traveling to blogs of late....busy with mom and in my studio...but just wanted to let you know I miss stopping by here!!!

terri said...

I got pranked today... BIG TIME... by one of my very favorite bloggers. Check this out:

Travis said...

No pranks for us...everyone was way too busy with quarter end business stuff. That's just fine with me, as I'm not a prankster and I don't really tolerate them very well when played on me.