Sunday, April 04, 2010

What's Too Much?

Recently, my daughter made a trip out west -to visit with her Dad, who she hadn't seen in 2 years. It was a nice vacation for her and also, gave her a chance to meet her Dad's new wife too. (He remarried about 15 months ago so this was the first time she had the opportunity to meet her.)

Well, for the most part, all went quite well. She definitely had a great time going around with her Dad. They are so much alike, enjoy so many of the same things and I'm happy that they now have the relationship they have although it is difficult to visit, with him being in Nevada and her (as well as her siblings) all being here in Pennsylvania.

However, one thing that happened while she was out there was that her new stepmother gave her a big bag of cosmetics -of every type, color -pretty much a "you name it and it was there" kind of package, ya know.

Now Mandy uses some cosmetics but not a whole lot so, she pretty much passed this bag on to the 18-year-old here who, like most any teen the world over, LOVES makeup!

But let me tell you this, if she tries to use all the stuff in this bag, she's gonna be needing all kinds of acne products after the fact I'm afraid!

Truth be told though, I was kind of hoping some of the eye makeup stuff would get shared with me. I don't use it that frequently cause where the heck do I go that I need to use a bunch of makeup -but I do like a little bit of eye shadow every now and again if I do happen to have a chance to go somewhere a bit special.

Maybe I can work a deal with the 18-year-old along the way. Think that sounds like a good game plan? It could happen, really -it could.

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