Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Song Am I Singing Now?

Yeah, I'm singing a song alright.

"Who let the dog out" -is it too! Don't know if that's the name of this tune, but it does have that line in it and yes, really, I am singing, saying, asking that here, RIGHT NOW!

To say I'm not a happy camper at the moment is a bit of an understatement.

I was going to load the kids in the jeep and run up to the store to pick up something to fix for supper tonight but now, since I found out what Maya did -oh about a half-hour to 45 minutes ago -there'll be no running around in the jeep to get a few odds and ends of groceries -not for a while anyway.

I'm thinking maybe Maya's idea here is to put me on her own type of weight loss diet -one where I can't cook because I have to try to figure out a way to look for the damned dog and in the meantime, the nerves are all worked up now over Sammy being missing, worrying about him wondering where on earth to even go and look for him and just how I can go out looking for him too!

The kids are not allowed to go outside here unless there is an adult there with them and today, Miss Maya decided she was going to go outside and ride her bicycle -ON. HER. OWN. In the back yard! Well, with her, the game plan may have been to ride her bike in the back yard to start, but one never knows when she might decide to take things a step further and take the bike up on the road to try to ride it. Hence, the reason that she is not allowed outside alone, ya know!

The upshot of my finding out that she had gone outside by herself, was that I also learned -figured out (whichever you care to call it) that she had also opened the door, coaxed Sammy to go outside without being on a leash! Of course, I'm sure he was overjoyed and gleefully accepted her invitation cause he would love to be out, running all over the place, exploring, visiting other dogs that are penned up or chained outside all the time and that he sees on our walks.

But he has absolutely no training in being out in the big bad world without being on a leash! And he has not a lick of dog common sense either about cars and trucks and such. Plus, he also has no regard for the law which says dogs are to be restrained, tied, leashed, etc., at all times!

Oh yes, wonnerful, wonnerful, isn't it though?

I think what I really need here is to keep Sammy on a leash inside the house as well as when I take him outside and also, need an even shorter leash to put on Maya too!


Aren't they ever so much fun though?

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