Thursday, April 08, 2010

English, Please!

My son -as well as my son-in-law -are both fanatics when it comes to cars! I suppose I may as well go back a generation too and include my ex-husband in that category as well because he was pretty much in that category too.

Well, my SIL and my ex-husband were both mechanics with respect to their employment but my son -he just loves cars and Volkswagons in particular, come to think of it.

Most of the time I don't have that much of a problem with this stuff that is, until my son and the SIL get to talking technical terminology about cars and parts and different types of work that has to be done to this, that or some other vehicle.

When they start that stuff, they could very easily say they needed a ls2208 and I would never know the difference if that was a legitimate thing for a vehicle or some other item or even if they were speaking in a totally different language.

And that same bit carries over to people in computer technician type jobs as well. When they start going on about different computer terms, under the assumption that simply because I have a computer, I understand, automatically, what they are talking about, they just don't ever get it then when I say, "English, Please!"

No comprende the automotive or computerese or even legalese (attorney-speak) stuff ya know!