Thursday, April 01, 2010

Crud Removal?

It's been a bit of a rough patch for me for the past almost two weeks now.

It started two weeks ago this Friday coming with a sore throat -really scratchy -and I thought, rats -another head cold on the way.

By the next day though, the sore throat was gone but the sinus was totally wacking out. However, no watery eyes that would indicate the eminent onslaught of the yucky head cold. Just the sinus draining from my nose and down my throat.

What I did end up with though was a really yucky, nasty croupy sounding cough even though I was taking cold meds meant to deal with the cough and chest congestion as well as nasal congestion.

Then, lo and behold -the eyes began to bug me too. But not watering like head colds make 'em do. No, instead they were itching like crazy! And from my rubbing them -wow, puffy and really very unattractive for sure. I was beginning to think then that maybe I need to do an eye cream review to search for something that might at least relieve the swollen appearance there.

Finally, yesterday -in desperation (the next step would have been a call to my doctor I suppose) I found some over-the-counter cold/flu liquid meds that were supposed to be "non-drowsy" cause during the day when Mandy is at work, the last thing I need is something that would run the risk of knocking me out, and I took some of that stuff.

No, it hasn't cured what ails me -not quite that great -but be darned if it didn't relieve the congestion in my nose and the cough a good bit and yes, the eyes even quit itching too. And that, in turn, relieved the swelling around them.

Good move, I'd say -especially for some generic stuff, which was what this stuff I took is.

All's well that ends well too, isn't it?


terri said...

Glad you found something to help relieve your symptoms.

Travis said...

Sounds like a good dose of nasty allergy!