Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well folks, it's that time of year when everyone is gearing up for something -vacations, reunions, you name it, ya know. We got the first of what might be a few wedding invitations over the coming months about two weeks ago now. Yeah -June is the Marriage Month though, isn't it?

I picked up on something on Facebook tonight through a post there made by a cousin on my Dad's side of the family that there's some talk of a family reunion. However, because that branch of my family, when they plan a reunion, they tend to really go all out so it could be something they are lining up for this year and then again, it could also be preliminary plans for a big reunion next year. Who knows? All I know about their reunions is that my kids don't know very many of the cousins on that side but the ones they met at the reunion we had I think it was two years ago now is that both my girls would go to another reunion with those relatives in a heart beat! Yeah, they do love to have a good time -for everyone, all ages and they do knock themselves out to provide just that too.

This past weekend though the big event on Saturday was a "Cruise" to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation and it was organized by my son and his girlfriend through the bar where my daughter works. It's the first time my son has done something like organizing a fund raiser so he was quite the nervous wreck. But they did get a very good turn-out for a first time event and they thought, on Saturday, that they probably raised between $200 and $300 for the Make a Wish People. (The bar -Jackson's Bar -in Winburne where my daughter works, has the Make a Wish Foundation as their charity and as such, they put on all kinds of fund raisers starting with a big spaghetti dinner in early April and just about every month then throughout the spring and summer and into the fall, they have several more fun things they sponsor to raise money for this great organization.

Keep in mind that this is not a heavily populated area, we're pretty much back in the sticks and Jackson's isn't a huge bar either but last year, the supporters of Jackson's and Make a Wish raised $15,000! Now isn't that fantastic though? Shows lots and lots of folks definitely do have their hearts in the right places in my opinion.

I took pictures of most of the vehicles that were entered in the Cruise and here's a couple of them for you to take a look at. But first, there's this one -my daughter, Mandy, as she took care of the registrations for the Cruise for her brother.
This is my son's truck that his Dad rebuilt and Clate flew out to Nevada two years ago to pick it up and then, drove it cross-country to get it home. Pretty snazzy unit, it is.

Much as I do like my son's truck, I have to confess that this one below here really caught my eye. When they were leaving the parking lot and I realized the guy driving it had no passenger with him, I was darned near tempted to run up and introduce myself and ride along with him! Pretty cool unit, don't 'cha think?

Here's a shot of many of the vehicles all lined up at one of their stops along the way.

Here's two units that also really caught my eye too. Loved the white thunderbird, for sure but the big old convertible was also quite the vehicle too. One of the passengers in the convertible was Jim Netterblade Sr -a local who made quite a name for himself in the 60s, 70s and maybe even into the 80s too as a stock car driver who was a frequent winner at many tracks in central Pennsylvania.

This pretty Plymouth Satellite is owned by a good friend of ours -Lois Moore. She didn't know anything about the cruise initially till my son called her and told her about it so she and her boyfriend came down here from up in Grampian way (probably about 40-45 miles west of here) just to take part in the convoy. She said later she had a really great time too! Thanks Lois, for taking part in this event!

The burgundy colored newer model convertible here is owned by Rich Veneziano -a local guy from out in Drifting. Pretty sharp buggy there too, huh?

Although I have a goodly number of other pictures of the other cars, I am not posting them all here tonight. Why? Well, because I had hoped my son would have stopped by the house by now and identified each vehicle for me -make, model, year and owner's name too. But since he hasn't done that yet, I hold off on posting all the cars/trucks in the cruise until I get the full information.

See what you have to look forward to seeing here now? Hopefully I have at least one or two readers who is into classic type cars and trucks and can appreciate the beauty of these units.


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Travis said...

Love the cars! It's nearly car show time out here.